Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September update!

What to say about the month of September? September has been filled with lots of changes for Buggito. She has just had her 4 month immunization, today's doctor visit has her weighing 17 lbs and 8 ounces, she is 69 cm long/tall, still in the 98th percentile for growth. Chris and I stopped off for some McDonald's the other day and another baby was fascinated by Buggito. It turns out this baby was a year old and she was only slightly bigger than Buggito is now. She is wearing her 6-9 month size sleepers now so I have been slowly adding some bigger size outfits to her wardrobe so she wont be naked by the time she outgrows her current clothes.

I also had to retire her swing as she is too heavy for it to swing properly any longer, and we had a minor scare. I had put her in her swing to finnish doing up dishes and I heard her going "HEEEEEEY______HEEEEEEEY", as she normally makes a bit of a peep I just talked over my shoulder telling her "momma will be right there". I finnished putting down what I was doing and turned to check up on her and she was halfway out of the swing. Her legs and Butt were hanging over the edge and her little torso and head were still inside. I ran acrossed the room and scooped her up no worse for wear, I on the otherhand almost had a heart attack!.

Buggito enjoys screaming and screeching for fun, babbling on the phone to my mom and growling at Daddy and me!. She has also become much more interested in her surroundings and her toys, she really likes her Fisher Price happy apple and her frog clip on toy. She is enjoying her baby Einstein activity center and she really loves being read to. Her two favourite books right now are "Baby boo" and "oh baby, go baby". She loves standing with assistance, as soon as you get her up she usually puffs her little chest out and makes the excited/ proud face sometimes accompanied by a roar of triumph. Another activity baby enjoys now is shopping with momma :), she loves being in her sling and looking through the stores at the mall with me.

The down side to having a baby that loves the world around her is now she has deemed naps to be the enemy. She is so afraid of missing something exciting any hint of a nap and she begins to cry, fuss and shout. Its gotten to the point her once favourite lullaby "pure imagination" now causes her to cry because she knows it puts her to sleep. I have to either trick her into sleeping by casually reclining her while I bounce on the yoga ball or force her into a laying position and put up with her struggling and whining for the five minutes of fighting she puts up before latching on to nurse then sleep.

I wish I could say there was allot of excitement going on here for September but it has been pretty dull, just trying to get used to Buggito's new preferences and schedule. It seems just when you get comfortable in your routine she decides to change it up on you. Im hoping I am able to finnish my Halloween costumes on time for a family Halloween photo, I have started my costume but baby's new need for entertainment and stimulation have forced me to work in the small alloted nap periods. Thats pretty much September in a nutshell!