Sunday, January 23, 2011

The fun and excitement of Christmas!

Whew its been awhile since my last post!!!. So I have allot of catching up to do. Lets start where the last post left off. How was our Christmas?. Christmas this year was probably one of the funnest Christmas's we have had in awhile. In Chris's family they do their presents at midnight on Christmas eve, so this year we decided that's how we were going to do it. We waited up until midnight and set up the camera and began grabbing toys for little miss to unwrap. She was still a bit to young to really appreciate the anticipation of the unwrapping process.

I think she still had fun though, She was very interested in looking at each present and less about opening up any of the new ones. It would have been nice to have some more family around to spend time with, but at the same time this year we were able to hog Buggitto all to ourselves. We did manage to make it to my Boss's house for their Christmas party for a couple of hours, that was really fun. It was nice to have somewhere loud and full of friendly holiday faces to be with.

( As you can see in the chaos, she made out like a bandit this year)

(two out of three babies eagerly awaiting Christmas presents!)

We decided to make our first turkey dinner together this year as well. As we didn't have a proper large roasting pan we opted to just buy a cheap foil one at the grocery store at the same time we got our turkey. Chris did the turkey and I did the trimmings and it turned out wonderfully. Unfortunately When Chris went to carve the turkey he jabbed the knife right through the bottom of the pan, before we knew it turkey juices were flooding the table. They went right through the leaflet on the table and when Mushu (the dog) came out from underneath her coat was soaked. After a few minutes of stopping the leak unsuccessfully, we Christened that dinner the B.P turkey dinner. (Ha ha the joke was in poor taste but the dinner was delicious!!! bada-bing, bada-boom!) Anyhow we did eventually manage to stop the leak and were able to sit down to eat, despite our valiant effort to tackle the turkey we still had waaaay to much meat left over so I was able to make three huge pots of turkey soup to freeze for another day.

(heres our dinner pre-spill chaos!!!)

Buggitto watched her first Christmas special which was pretty cute, she watched Shrek the halls all the way through. She especially like the Shrek babies, whenever they came on screen she started to make little grunts of excitement and shake her fists around. We had a quiet boxing day, we managed to get the baby a nice coat for next year at a good price but that was about it. So for our first family Christmas I have to say I was not disappointed and next year should be even better as baby will be a bit more responsive to things.