Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nearly two....

Lots to update but in a nutshell when we decided to go Vancouver or bust, bust was what occurred~waaay to much nonsense to write about and I am trying to look forward and be positive and not dwell on the negative. So once again the family packed up and relocated to stay with Chris's family while we once again make a new start, My grandmother has told me we remind her of Gypsy's the way we have uprooted so many times across the country. But you have to do what you have to do to survive and while it has been frustrating at times, we have had the unique opportunity of experiencing the day to day life in a few provinces in this great country. You definitely see much more of a place as a resident than a visitor, but back to my update!

Lots of fun and exciting changes have been occurring since my last update, while we were still in Vancouver Little Miss began to sing along with Elmo's song on the computer. Only she couldn't say Elmo's song so she called it "La la la son", anytime she saw Elmo anywhere she would point and say Lalala Son. She has only just learned how to say Elmo. Her vocabulary has grown almost over night she can hear you say something just once or twice and copy the word now. She asks "what did you dooo?" and "whewre you goin, you goin?" when you leave the room. She doesn't like getting her hands dirty and will say "gwosss, dirty, gwoss" and run to you to wipe her hands off, she also knows when she drops something on the floor it is "a mess". I would say confidently she has at least 100 words under her belt at this point and its truly amazing to me how fast she picks them up. I'm glad I have begun baby-proofing my swears as I have heard her say " Oh Sugar!!!" a few times when she is frustrated...just like mama.  Unfortunately she has a tough time pronouncing frog and it comes out as f*ck half the time, so hopefully she will master that one soon before we get too many dirty looks from people.

Its pretty cute to see her when she hears a kid or baby crying someplace she will look in their direction and says "no worries" and if they keep crying she gets a bit pushy and just starts impatiently shhhhhushing them.  We took Little Miss to get her Easter bunny photo at the mall not to long ago and that was pretty fun, she saw the Easter bunny while we were in line and really wanted to go up to him, she was trying to push in front of the line and daddy had to bounce her around to keep her happy until it was our turn. When we got closer she started to wave to the Easter bunny and he waved back, she enjoyed that bit...then came time so sit on his lap, she tried to squirm away and began to wail after a minute (thank goodness the photographer snapped a good one of her fast before the melt down). When we scooped her up and took her away she kept waving and saying bye bye Easter bunny, we waited for our pictures for a few moments and then we started to leave. Well once we were leaving it was waterworks again because she had decided in that time frame she did indeed like the Easter bunny after all. I gave her one of the photos to hold in the backseat of the car and she held and waved to it saying "bye bye Munches" (munch is what she calls bunnies as we have a baby animal book that says munch and munch is the sound effect a rabbit makes) all the way home.

We had Easter morning planned out with 8 big eggs stuffed with McDonald's Ponies and a big My Little Pony train track at the end, we opted to avoid candy as she still wasn't too big into sweets at the time. When she grabbed the basket and dragged it down the hall she wanted to stop and carefully examine each and every egg right there it took a ridiculously long time to coax her down the hall into the living room. Later that day her Cousin 'G' came over and Chris's mom gave them each an Easter bag with sweets and some little toys. That evening we made it down to Chris's Grandparents house for Easter supper, the kids played and had a good time until due to adult coaxing roughhousing began and 'G' dove onto Lil Miss's stomach resulting in tears. Daddy was not a happy camper and had some words with people about not encouraging violent play with the kids. But it was an accident and soon the kids were having a good time again.

I started watching 'G' with Little miss during the week to make a little extra $ and the two kids got along really well together, it was nice watching my little girl giggle and get excited to have a friend around!.

April 30th Little miss got her first flu bug, she was throwing up for about 24 hours, we took her to the E.R in the evening where we were told just to keep her hydrated and rested.....waste of three hours of waiting time. On the plus side the doctor that did see us gave us a list of local doctors accepting patients so that was pretty good. Later that week the rest of the household all had a turn throwing up and being sick. It was pretty gross.  I have more to update for May and June but that will be a bigger post and I am running out of time today :).