Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Where have I been?

Whats been going on the past few weeks?, On the 9th Chris and I had a small 3 hour prenatal class that we were invited to by the public health nurse. That was pretty interesting, I even learned that 4 lbs of my new body weight (currently 21 lbs gained) is just extra blood!~ cool!!!!. Seeing as I have yet to convince Chris to pick up a baby book on his own accord, it was a nice way to force him to get a tiny bit of the prenatal/ birth information into him. Chris was shocked to learn how long labour goes on for on average (according to the class around 14-17 hours from start to finish).

I went for my second diagnostic ultrasound on the 15th to determine whats going on with my placenta, I just got the results back from the doctor this week. They like your placenta to be at least 2.5 inches from the birth canal and mine is at 3.5 so it looks like natural childbirth is still an option for me......huzzah!!! Time to practice with my hypno birth meditations now. In other random doctor check up news the baby has turned head down and my uterus is 17 inches long (one inch smaller than normal but nothing to be concerned about).

I filled out the birth plan form that the hospital gave to me, if things go smoothly, IE: a standard non-complicated birth. I hope to be able to have an active birth using a different pushing position from laying on my back, I want little to no medical intervention : IE: drugs, fetal monitoring. I am adamant about having no students present during the birth or perform any of the postnatal procedures on myself or the baby. I'm actually hoping to be out as soon as humanly possible as well. If I'm able to leave after a few hours I will be happy.

I will be starting my maternity leave in three more weeks (including this one), I will see about doing the hospital tours when I am on my mat leave. Although I have already made it to the labour and delivery room twice this month already, once when I slipped on the wet floors at work, and again a week ago when I noticed some spotting~ which turned out to be a urinary tract infection.....which was surprisingly painful once I started the medication for it. I needed to take an extra day off work last week because my abdomen was so sore it hurt to stand and walk, I'm feeling much better now though.

Zeller's had another baby sale so Chris and I picked up our stroller/ car seat combination at 20% off. Its a pretty cute unisex set. They had a super cute chocolate brown and pink set but it was not on sale, but that's okay we can always hold onto this set for the next baby and not worry about whether its too girlie. I am planning on picking up the play yard in the pink and brown set though. I only have three big-ticket items to buy for the baby (other than the flooring/drywall for her nursery) and I will be getting them in the next three pay checks. The play yard, the crib mattress and the breast pump. The little items like clothes and such are almost all accounted for I'm pretty confident were not doing to badly on that front, especially with all the gifts we have been receiving from people.

Last week while laying in bed I felt a hard little lump in my lower abdomen and rubbed my hand around it, it was either a hand or foot it was a little bit gross but cool at the same time. After a minute or two of Chris and I poking it gently it sucked itself back into obscurity. Some nights when I feel I haven't felt the baby as much as I'm comfortable with I poke and prod gently at my stomach until I piss her off. I'm generally rewarded with a few 5 hit combos which make me laugh, it seems very much like a violent tantrum in response to my prodding. Shes already got her mothers attitude.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Make my day!!!!

This past Sunday while at work one of my regular customers, an older lady I nicknamed 'Canadians lady' (as she always has her Montreal Canadians gear on, from the coat/ toque right down to the wallet and the watch etc.)came in and called me to the store front. She told me she had noticed I was pregnant and decided to make me something for the baby. She pulled a little bag out from under her coat and in it was a sweet little hand knit jacket and bonnet. I couldn't believe it! It really made my day. I have always told Chris that every baby needs a little hand knit sweater set and then one lands right on my lap. Its funny how sometimes you can get the absolute worst customers, then every once in awhile you get a really nice one that makes up for the rest of them.

The very next day I was also pleasantly surprised by a package in the mail from my friend Cheryl, in it was a letter and a gift for the baby. The gift was a super sweet KISS onesie, but all the Kiss characters are little teddy bears! Its pretty freak'in adorable!!! Thanks Auntie Cheryl!!! you picked a winner!!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things..

So the three (here I thought it was only 2) Rubbermaid boxes of cute baby stuff I have been collecting over the last 4 years arrived in the mail yesterday thanks to Chris's mom who has been keeping them safe for us. As if that wasn't enough super cute baby stuff to be going through, a girl from work brought me in a huge box of baby girls clothing that her cousins baby had outgrown.... My baby officially has a full wardrobe!!!. Despite all this I couldn't resist picking up a little baby swimsuit today as I plan on taking her to the pool when she hits the right age (I think its 5-18 months) for the starfish swim classes!!!.

The best part, I had forgotten most of the great stuff I had collected, which just so happened to be mostly for a little girl....go figure!!!. here are a few of my favourites!!.

Every little girl needs a herd of unicorns as well as some fairy pals. The best part one of those unicorns is vanilla scented and has spread its sweet aroma to all the other plushies!. I think vanilla sounds pretty accurate for what I would guess a unicorn to smell like :).

A cute glittering star to dangle from the ceiling!

My absolute favourite a pink unicorn fairy mobile (that's right a hybrid ~ half fairy, half unicorn)...sorry for the blur.....

These sweet little shoes should compliment the little dresses I have collected for her nicely!!.

The last big purchase to share is the sweet crib bedding I ordered on ebay!!!. I have been looking everywhere for a nice set and at last I found one!!! We wont be going as pink on the walls as the sample photo, Chris wants to paint a tree with little birds and cherry blossoms in the branches on the wall behind the crib. I cant wait until we have the babies room all done!!!.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A scary few hours....

So the evening of February 28th we had ourselves a bit of scare. I was just cleaning up at the end of the night from my shift at work. I had finished mopping the floors and was just bringing some of the bread in from the store front when I hit a wet patch of floor and came crashing down. I managed to swivel mid fall to avoid landing face down on the floor, but I did come down on my left side. My legs and arms got the brunt of the impact but a small section of my stomach hit the floor as well. I only had about 10 minutes until we locked the doors and so I didn't bother telling the girls and having them get all worked up over it. We finished up, locked up and I got in the waiting car.

I told Chris to take me up to the hospital right away which he did. We went into the emergency where they sent me straight up to labour and delivery. I explained what had happened to the nursing staff up there and they got me into a room. I was hooked up to the fetal heart right monitor and given a button to press whenever I felt the baby move so they could monitor the baby. Chris and I had to stay at the hospital for 4 hours of observation having the babies heart rate and movements electronically measured on a little chart that looked very similar to a lie detector test. At the end of the tests I was given the clear and sent home, Chris and I stayed awake late that night and I payed close attention to the babies movements. By the time we went to bed it had been a full 8 hours since the incident and things seemed good. I have the next two days off and will just be taking it easy, the baby seems to be doing good, but needless to say it was a bit scary.