Thursday, September 1, 2011

where have I been?

Wow! what a long time between posts where to begin???. As of June little Miss Buggito has been a lean mean walking running machine, keeping up to her has been a challenge at times.Not long after she discovered the art of walking she decided she was ready to begin climbing. She began making us nervous when she started to climb up the back of the sofa and start banging at the living room window. You cant turn your back on little miss for a moment, Yesterday I went to check my email and she had opened the bleed valve on the radiator.

The start of August Buggito began to get two new teeth she got her first bicuspid on both sides of her lower jaw by months end. She is a drool factory these days and she cant keep her hands out of her mouth so I know a few more teeth are on their way but I haven't seen them poke through as of yet. Buggito's hair is growing fast and she has just enough cute little curl at the bottom, I could start to give her some nice piggies but she seems to hate having things on her head these days.

Buggito can say a good handful of words the list so far is "mama, daddy, up, pretty, purple, no, wassists (whats this), hot, what, baby, ba (book,....were still working on that one). She has reached the point where she has her own ideas about what she likes and dislikes and she is not afraid to let you know with a good scream or cry when it is the latter. Toddler tantrums have officially begun. I cant blame the poor kid, how frustrating must it be to be told no,no,no, have things taken away, get redirected and then contained all day long.

We have had allot of big changes going on around the house, some reno, we have gotten rid of a bunch of furniture and have been generally busy getting ready to move all the way across country (hence the lack of posting). I'm not sure if this has contributed to Buggittos moods or not but she has become VERY shy around people lately. If Chris is carrying her around a store and a stranger stops to say hello to her she starts screaming and crying. She is generally not as extreme with me, she just hides her face on my shoulder and peeks at people. She was never one of those babies who would run up to anyone to begin with but I find she is getting a bit more nervous around strangers.

Buggito had a few firsts this summer (despite the crap weather) she experienced fireworks for the first time~ which pretty much traumatized her. She saw ponies for the first time, she went to the beach, she has been enjoying the gravel at a playground. She decided mommy's underwear in the clean laundry basket is a shirt for her to wear and puts them on over herself. She is a funny, sweet little creature and during the stress of the past few months she has been my little ray of light keeping me going strong.