Friday, July 30, 2010


I took my little Miss, Buggito to Walmart for her first portrait session. I thought I would have to cancel because she clawed her face up the day before, but the scratches faded pretty good by today so we went. She looked beautiful, unfortunately she wasted all her smiles before the camera was ready but they still turned out great. Next time we go will probably be Halloween as a family (borrowing a friends family tradition of family photos in costume). Im thinking I may just save up for a better camera this year and try making a studio at home, by the time you go a few times a year the cost of a new camera and some equipment works out to about even. Anyhow here are the pictures, my physical copies of the photos will be here by mid August and then mailed out to family and friends.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spoiled Spoiled baby!

A few more gifts arrived this past week for little Miss. Buggito, as well as a few small things from Mommy. This is one SPOILED baby!. The first package arrived from some family friends in Saskatchewan, Chuck and Barb, it contained some adorable little outfits for the baby. They look to be from the same collection as the little outfits my Aunt Debbie sent BUT they are all different! They are so classy I love them! and cant wait to get some pictures of baby wearing them!.

The next little outfit was given to us from my friend Emily and her Mom while we were visiting her house last week. Its a cute little love bug set which suits her as her nickname is Buggito!!

A few days later another neighbour dropped by with a gift for the baby it was a onesie, a teddy bear and a book about animals because she is a big animal lover. She just loves watching our dogs and has one of her own, shes also the only neighbour I think I have spoken too. She seems nice and it was a very nice surprise!.

Yesterday the postman left a big box at our back door, I assumed it was a package my Mom had said she mailed out, BUT it was another surprise from my friend Karen in Saskatoon!. We opened the box to find a sweet stuffed kitten (that Mushu very much wanted to grab for herself) and even better still a HUGE homemade blanket. WOW Karen!!! did you knit that yourself!!! Its beautiful!!!. It would take me 5 years to knit a blanket that size at the speed I knit! We love it, Buggito and I have already been snuggling up to it on the sofa!

Thank you SO much everyone for the sweet baby gifts! they are appreciated beyond belief!. All the generosity from family and friends has really made Chris and I realise how blessed we are to know such great people in life. Not every family is as lucky to have such a great support group of people to help out with their babies and trust me every gift given is something that does help out!. I think of all the single mothers out there or couples faced with unplanned pregnancies that receive no love and support and it really is humbling to have so much!. So thank you again everyone!!!!.

Last but not least Mama couldn't help but spoil baby girl a tiny bit this week either. As Buggito is beginning to outgrow her baby swing I felt a pang of sadness that she would have to lose her Jeremy fisher mobile that she enjoys talking to each day. Then I remembered the baby boutique downtown had some Beatrix Potter stuffed toys so I went down and found her a Jeremy Fisher doll. So now she will still have him to babble at once her swing is gone. I also bought her a little hair band for her photos. At Walmart I couldn't help but nab her a Tinkerbell outfit for this fall and I found one small fleece dress with the cutest little mushroom men on it at Value Village for her.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

the recent scoop!

What is new in the life and times of Buggito? The baby has just gotten back to her old self again within the past two days. Midweek she woke up early 6:00am with some gas pains that continued throughout the day making her very fussy, the only calming technique that seemed to work was cradling her tummy down and swaying her to and fro. From what I was reading this can happen if the baby gets something in your breast milk that doesn't agree with their system. I'm usually a creature of habit when it comes to my diet but I opted for a double quarter pounder with cheese the day before which made me feel pretty sick, so I'm guessing that may have affected the baby as well.

The next day the gas pains were gone but she did NOT want to sleep at all. I would spend 30-40 minutes trying to get her to sleep rocking and singing to her and she would only stay asleep for 15-20 minutes at a time. When she usually sleeps for a few hours at a time. Needless to say she was irritable ALL day long, and of course it had to be a day that I was feeling under the weather and was really looking forward to our good long naps together. But we weathered the storm and by bedtime we both slept like logs.

The following day she was back to her old self, sleeping well and all smiles when she awoke, my migraine was gone and we had a good day together. A few odd little bumps in our routine though, the baby has been chewing her hands and usually this is her hunger cue but when I tried feeding her she just got upset. Then we started noticing her drooling, which is something she never used to do, her temperature was high the other day as well. Not at a fever but only just below that point, that coupled with the recent fussiness has us believing she may be teething. I went out and bought her a Raz-berry teething pacifier and she has enjoyed gnawing on it. Shes only 9 weeks but my Mom said by three months I had cut two teeth so she may be an early bloomer in the chomper department just like me.

In an effort to tackle the growing mess in my house from my few days out of commission caring for a grouchy baby I devised a means of keeping Buggito close but being able to accomplish some cooking and dishes. I at first attempted to put Buggito in her sling while I chopped up veggies for stew but she was to nosey and kept wiggling herself too far out for me to safely see what I was chopping. As Chris was at work with the car, I couldn't afford to chop a finger off that day!.So I made a make shift cot for the baby with a laundry basket a pillow and a few baby blankets, I placed her inside grabbed the handles and rocked her to sleep. Then I took her into the kitchen with me and kept her on the floor beside me while I worked, I managed to catch up all the dishes and make 3 big pots of stew. That's my new Mom technique these days, making lots of food at once. That way I can freeze most of it for other nights when I just don't have time to be in the kitchen all day!. So far I have about 20 meals worth frozen and ready for busy days in the future.

The baby has been enjoying watching and looking at things allot more these days, we can now read her board books together. We took her to a BBQ the other day and although we stayed for a few hours she didn't fuss once, she was having too much fun watching all the people she didn't know. She even let one of the older ladies carry her around for awhile and snuggle her without a fuss. I also had her over at my friend Emily's house for most of the day last week and she was well behaved the entire time not a single crying moment despite the fact it was such a hot day. I'm glad she saves the fussiness for at home and behaves in public!.

She loves it when I sing to her. Her favourite song is "pure imagination" from Willy Wonka (the original) if she is crying or upset and I start to sing it she usually quiets down to listen to it. She also really likes a mix CD of traditional Asian music I found, I turn it on in the background at home and she usually nods off to sleep pretty well. She sleeps allot still but her awake moments are getting more and more fun each day, she is smiling and interacting with us, she has made a few practice laughs, which consist of smiling and hyperventilating for a few seconds. It wont be long now before the giggles start!.

Other than that my big news is I'm going to try to get her to the portrait studio this coming weekend for some pictures in her cute little green sundress, as it fits her perfectly now. If I wait much longer she will have outgrown it. After this set of studio portraits I'm going to work at creating a good enough at home studio to get better pictures of her. I get pretty sad when I look back at some of her older pictures and they look so blurry, Shes changing so quickly, once these moments are over they are gone forever. I'm almost O.C.D lately about getting good photos of the baby, I cant believe its already been two months of having her in our life. Time is flying by like crazy. Well that's pretty much it for this post of updates!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

the deed is done! 8 weeks along....

Yesterday was the big day for Buggito's first set of shots, I had been dreading the moment for about two weeks now. I had heard from a few people how it brought them close to tears and how many bad reactions their babies/children have had to shots. So needless to say I was really expecting the worst. When we got there yes she cried~while screamed actually.... but it only lasted a few minutes then she was fast asleep. When she woke up she was all smiles and baby babble again, the trauma of the afternoon already forgotten!. So the worst part was short lived~thank goodness!. Also another baby milestone, Buggito got her first band~aids yesterday, two Dora ones that look so big on her little legs.

Today the baby and I have been enjoying some classical oriental music, we danced around the house together after breakfast, took a nap and had a good tummy time session. I cant believe how alert she is getting, she still sleeps allot but her awake time is spent watching everything in fascination. She has started to really stare at lips when your talking to her. She sometimes stares at them when a song with female vocals is playing and starts to smile like she finds it funny she can hear a voice but my lips are not moving.

Each morning she has a big story to tell us when she sees us, she'll babble to us for 10 minutes straight, then she usually has to share the story with her frog mobile while we have our breakfast. She has started to enjoy being toured around her nursery to look at everything, shes getting to be pretty curious about the dogs as well where she never seemed to notice them before now she watches their movements around the house. I cant believe how much she has changed in such a short period of time, looking at pictures of her from 8 weeks ago its hard to tell its the same baby.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear Buggito,

Or should I say "Chris Angel", how did you manage~while fully clothed, to get poop all over the floor, and all over my clothing but not manage to get a drop on your own outfit. Lets save the illusions for vegas in the future shall we?.

love your biggest fan


Saturday, July 10, 2010

A first

Buggito rolled over by herself today!, Poor Daddy has been practicing with her so hard the past few days and hes the one that missed it. What does this mean, more supervision for Buggito now that she is semi-mobile. Another plus for mobility, her neck and head control is getting better each day, I'm sure by the end of the month she will be holding her head upright on her own. She is already holding it up and looking from side to side for 5-10 minutes at a time.

I bought Chris a yoga ball for his back exercises and I have discovered that Buggito loves to be bounced in my arms while I'm sitting on it, it has been a blessing when she has been fussy to fall asleep in this heat. Other than that I'm still dreading her first set of shots coming up on the 16th.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


The last two days have been scorching, Buggito has been sporting naught but a diaper and even that feels like bundling her too much, If I didn't mind the inevitable mess I would be tempted to leave her nude. The best I can do is set her up in her cradle swing by the breeze of the window with the fan blowing directly on her. This seems to soothe her most of the time. She still wants to be cuddled and snuggled even though she just gets frustrated that she gets too hot being in my arms.

Its been a pretty lazy week at home, I had decided to download "the secret life of the American teenager" after glimpsing an episode on t.v, thinking I would hate it. Unfortunately I got hooked on the teen drama and had a marathon run of season one, ah well I guess horrible television is just par for the course when your on mat leave especially if you don't drive and are stuck puttering around the home. At least the cabin fever I was facing before the baby arrived is gone, I'm at peace with my slower pace of life. We have been trying to go for walks and get out and stay active everyday~most days we succeed and I find the exercise is helping. I have lost 20 of the 30 pregnancy pounds I put on and seem to be doing pretty good at keeping them off, I'm sure in the next few months the last few pounds will slowly start to shave away if I keep making sure to be active.

A few days ago I left Chris home alone with the baby for the first time so I could go out with a friend for some coffee and a visit. I had two bottles pumped and fed her before I left, then off to the coffee shop I went. I wasn't worried about the baby at all, I was a bit worried for Chris though, he gets pretty upset when the baby gets really fussy~ which only really occurs if she doesn't get her food right away. I went out for a couple of hours and had a good time visiting, when I got in the door and asked Chris how the baby was he looked stressed. I guess he hadn't picked up on the hunger que fast enough and the baby had been in hysterics for sometime just before I got home. Poor guy, I tried to give him a few pointers and he discovered how long a bottle takes to warm up so I'm pretty confident daddy time will go much better the next time.

Buggito is getting much better at neck control she can hold her own head upright for good length of time now. I'm hoping she has enough neck control by the end of this month so I can take her down to Walmart and get some studio pictures of her in her smallest little summer dress I bought before it no longer fits her. I have also been trying to get her a new outfit to wear each day so she can have at least worn them all once but with this heat making her wear anything just seems like cruelty.

I have to call the doctor and schedule Buggitto to get her first round of vaccines next Friday, I'm not looking forward to that, poor sweet baby girl is not going to be happy. The last time she cried in pain because I bopped her in the head I felt like crap, having her scream from the needle is going to be much worse I'm sure. I'm still a bit hesitant about baby/child vaccines, I'm a big advocate for less medical intervention is best especially when dealing with pharmaceuticals. As long as none of the shots contain thimeresol things should be fine, I'm pretty sure Canada is allot more strict about that than America is though. From what I have been reading online only the Hep B vaccine contains any thimeresol and it is in very tiny doses, I still cant help but worry though.

More gifts!

Chris's mom and sister brought a few more gifts for the baby with them, from Chris's brother and sister in law as well as from Grandma Marcella and her friend Carol. Thank-you everyone!!!

Little Miss Buggito also received a few packages in the mail this week. Package number one was from my cousin Stephanie, a sweet pink pair of baby converse runners! Very cute, I will have to search out a funky outfit to match once shes big enough to fit them! Thanks Steph!! Buggito is already turning into quite the fashionista!.

Then the very next day a packaged arrived from my Aunt Debbie containing a few very cute summer outfits for the baby. Thankfully they are in the next size up so she will be able to fit them next month!! Thanks so much Deb!!! They are adorable!. With the rate she is growing I'm trying so hard to get her into each outfit at least once before it no longer fits her. I'm also trying to get some photos of her in each outfit~ the problem this week she has managed to spit up on or poop on a few before the pictures could be taken. I'm still going to make a gallant effort though :).

Friday, July 2, 2010

6 week check up..

This Wednesday we took Buggito to the doctors office for her 6 week check up. We discovered our little Buggito is in the 98th percentile. She is 12 lbs (right on the nose) and 22.4 inches long. I was also able to talk to the doctor about secondary pregnancies after my c-section. She said now that my scars have healed anytime were ready will be a good time. I already know we want to have a few children and Im not getting any younger, Im pretty sure once Buggito's first birthday rolls around we will begin actively trying for number two. That way the babies will be about two years apart, It makes more sense to me to have one at least walking on their own before you add a second one to the picture. Plus that gives little Buggito enough time to revel in the spotlight before she has to share the stage.

BEST NEWS EVER!!!! My Mom and Dad are planning to move to Halifax this year once they find a job to bring them out this way. That means Chris and I will be trying to finnish renovating this house in time to put it on the market next year to move closer to them. Until we do however we can visit them every second weekend and vise versa, so Buggito will have family near by and my parents will get to watch her grow up. Im so excited, its been too many years only seeing my family once a year if Im lucky. Chris is going to look into getting a job in the trades just as it will be more relaible work all year long rather than long stretches between contracts like he is dealing with now. Hopefully this will mean we will make enough money to afford making trips back to Saskatchewan to see his side of the family more often as well. Thats the current plan, hopefully things stay on course this time. :)