Sunday, November 28, 2010

Whats new??

As the month of November ends I find myself rethinking my Christmas present choice, baby may not be quite ready for a small grand piano. A few more age appropriate toys will be best for her as she has really begun to appreciate playing with her various toys. While on a Christmas note~ we set up our Christmas tree last week and baby took her Santa mall photo. We took Buggito to the mall about an hour and a half before Santa was due to arrive, of course rather than fall asleep right away, she didn't decide to nap until about 15 minutes before Santa arrived. I tried waking her up for photos a few times but she was having none of it, so I decided that's fine she can just nap on Santa for her photo. As soon as she was placed in his lap her eyes shot open and she sat there mildly stunned/ confused trying to figure out where she was. The photographer got our picture and we decided Ah-what the hell, its better than a pic of her screaming we'll take it.

We finally took our family themed Halloween photos (almost a month late), I should have those handy by mid December to share. That leaves three photo shoots to go. This coming up Sunday is doggie Mall Santa photos, then we want to do a tacky family picture in front of our Christmas tree for our Christmas cards, last but never least will be baby girls fancy Christmas portrait!. Whew!!! Chronicling my family can be exhausting work!.

Buggitos first tooth popped up a friend only two days after our initial discovery (see picture below for a peek at those beautiful chompas!). So now she will have her bottom two front teeth for Christmas!. As far as her teeth go, she is still chewing quite a bit and drooling allot, I'm not sure if that's because they are still working their way up through the gums or if more teeth are coming soon?. I have been bitten on more than one occasion while nursing and I cant say I'm a fan of that, after a stern "NO" though she stops and begins to eat properly again. The first time I said it to her in my stern/angry voice she almost burst into tears, I realised it was the first time I had ever spoken harshly towards her. Poor baby, but a hug and kiss let her know I wasn't angry with her.

Buggito tries each day to figure out this crawling thing but its tough work so we haven't mastered it yet. That doesn't mean little Miss hasn't adapted ways of coping with her need to explore and limited mobility. She has learned to pull the tray of remotes on the coffee table towards herself to reach them after Mommy has put them out of reach. She has discovered how to get onto her belly gently from a sitting position, and when something is out of reach you can always try rolling sideways towards it. So it wont be long before Mommy and Daddy have to do a child proofing inventory of the house and the puppies will need to learn how to dodge allot faster.

Yesterday morning we went to Daddy's Christmas party for the kids, Buggito was the youngest one there but that didn't stop her from being the best behaved one as well :). Seeing the look on all the kids faces when Santa showed up to give out presents was priceless! I thought Buggito would have been more interested in all the children and toddlers there but the silver spoon at the table got most of her attention. I wouldn't call her shy but she definitely doesn't give her smiles away too easily to strangers. She has even been nervous and clingy when I had a friend over to the house that she has seen a few times before. It took her about an hour to decide she liked her and to start to smile and play with her.

As far as November goes that's pretty much it for the big news, baby is growing like a weed and our thoughts are geared towards Christmas :).

Friday, November 5, 2010

we cut our first tooth!!!!

So the months of excessive drooling and chewing have finally paid off!! I stuck my finger in babies mouth to feel for a tooth and lo and behold our bottom left hand side front tooth has poked through the gums! Once this tooth has emmerged fully I will post a pic of it in all its pearly white splendor!!!!.

Monday, November 1, 2010

October update!!!

October was an interesting month for 'Buggito', she began the month with only a slight ability to hold herself up in the sitting position. A skill she managed to master by months end. Although she had made a few accidental turns in the past few months, October Buggito saw the light and discovered it was SHE that had the power and ability to make this happen. The result of which was pointless and gratuitous flipping over onto her stomach. October we got some good giggles still no belly laughs...I guess were not as funny as we thought.

She is getting much better at standing up for longer periods of time holding only our fingers for support, She has also mastered the ability to pull herself up into a sitting position with our hands. She has even done a few "crunches" when she leans too far back into a pillow to get herself sitting up right again. Crawling mechanics are being experimented with, Buggito has learned how to move ever so slightly using the inch worm technique. I estimate by December she will be crawling all over the house...Look out Mushu and Foxy!!!

October was also interesting as it was the first time I got to play single parent, Daddy went to Saskatchewan for 10 days leaving me and baby behind. I was a bit nervous at first because after a long day of taking care of baby its nice sometimes to pass her off and get a break. With Chris gone I really didn't have anyone to tag me out. But the time went by fine enough, the baby was really good while he was gone. We only had one bad day but a bath and a nap managed to restore both baby and me to our easy going selves. I was also able to rearrange the living room and finish knitting the babies Oilers sweater while he was gone.

Buggito has now decided her waking moments are best spent exploring/experimenting with her toys rather than just snuggling with mom and dad and passively watching the world. Daddy bought her the Toy Story 3 talking phone and a colorful Ring Stacker which are currently the bees knees in my house. Looking at them reminds me of the good old days where I vowed I would not have a home cluttered with primary colored plastic toys!. In my defense though I wasn't the one who brought them into the house. Sometimes Daddy's have to do things their way too.

Its hard to believe that a little over 5 months ago this little person was just a squirmy bump inside my belly. Each day we get to see a bit more of her personality as she begins to express herself more vocally and physically. She is generally a pretty laid back baby, full of smiles and loves to cuddle. She is shy with strangers at first but after a bit of coaxing is happy to share her smiles with the public. She is generally patient and doesn't mind waiting a few minutes on a diaper change or a feeding but once she has reached her limit she has no problem letting you know. She is not big on crying and will use it as a last resort preferring to make whine/fuss noises or to yell angry babble at us first :).

The last exciting milestone for Baby was her first Halloween, I still have to book our family portraits and will post them once done. For Halloween baby wore her Dragon suit and went trick or treating with Daddy, they hit 4 neighbourhood houses and stayed to visit at each for at least 15 minutes or so. She even went to visit a set of neighbours who are related to the family who used to own this house, they gave her a toonie in her bucket because that's what the older man who lived here used to give the kids. Her little loot bucket was full despite us telling people she didn't need any treats this year. Next years trick or treating should be lots of fun as she will be able to walk to each house and understand whats going on a bit better.

That is pretty much October in a nutshell!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September update!

What to say about the month of September? September has been filled with lots of changes for Buggito. She has just had her 4 month immunization, today's doctor visit has her weighing 17 lbs and 8 ounces, she is 69 cm long/tall, still in the 98th percentile for growth. Chris and I stopped off for some McDonald's the other day and another baby was fascinated by Buggito. It turns out this baby was a year old and she was only slightly bigger than Buggito is now. She is wearing her 6-9 month size sleepers now so I have been slowly adding some bigger size outfits to her wardrobe so she wont be naked by the time she outgrows her current clothes.

I also had to retire her swing as she is too heavy for it to swing properly any longer, and we had a minor scare. I had put her in her swing to finnish doing up dishes and I heard her going "HEEEEEEY______HEEEEEEEY", as she normally makes a bit of a peep I just talked over my shoulder telling her "momma will be right there". I finnished putting down what I was doing and turned to check up on her and she was halfway out of the swing. Her legs and Butt were hanging over the edge and her little torso and head were still inside. I ran acrossed the room and scooped her up no worse for wear, I on the otherhand almost had a heart attack!.

Buggito enjoys screaming and screeching for fun, babbling on the phone to my mom and growling at Daddy and me!. She has also become much more interested in her surroundings and her toys, she really likes her Fisher Price happy apple and her frog clip on toy. She is enjoying her baby Einstein activity center and she really loves being read to. Her two favourite books right now are "Baby boo" and "oh baby, go baby". She loves standing with assistance, as soon as you get her up she usually puffs her little chest out and makes the excited/ proud face sometimes accompanied by a roar of triumph. Another activity baby enjoys now is shopping with momma :), she loves being in her sling and looking through the stores at the mall with me.

The down side to having a baby that loves the world around her is now she has deemed naps to be the enemy. She is so afraid of missing something exciting any hint of a nap and she begins to cry, fuss and shout. Its gotten to the point her once favourite lullaby "pure imagination" now causes her to cry because she knows it puts her to sleep. I have to either trick her into sleeping by casually reclining her while I bounce on the yoga ball or force her into a laying position and put up with her struggling and whining for the five minutes of fighting she puts up before latching on to nurse then sleep.

I wish I could say there was allot of excitement going on here for September but it has been pretty dull, just trying to get used to Buggito's new preferences and schedule. It seems just when you get comfortable in your routine she decides to change it up on you. Im hoping I am able to finnish my Halloween costumes on time for a family Halloween photo, I have started my costume but baby's new need for entertainment and stimulation have forced me to work in the small alloted nap periods. Thats pretty much September in a nutshell!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Santa Claus

I have it on good authority from Santa Claus that Buggito should be getting a Melissa and Doug piano for Christmas as her Big present.

Speaking of Santa Claus, Mommy already picked up our Christmas outfit to wear for Mall Santa photo's this year, a cute little knit dress with stockings and a little Scottie dog over coat. I'm very excited, As it has been Chris and I for the last few Christmas's we have not really done anything big or special. As its the babies first Christmas it will be the first year we get a tree to decorate. Also exciting, Carlton cards is getting babies first Christmas ornaments with little carousel unicorns and teddy bears!. This is whats on my mind lately, planning a good Christmas for the baby.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

mama baby photo's.

While playing around with the camera the other day I was finally able to get some pictures of me with the baby that I really like. Im planning on putting these few in a collage frame on the wall!.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

saucy baby!

Baby Buggito has begun to voice her opinions loudly these days, when she wants something (me) and I take my time getting there she makes sure to give me shit about it. She will go from crying/ screaming to calming right down when I hold her then she will look up at me and just yell babble at me. Even when she hasn't worked herself into a frenzy she is sure to interrupt herself breastfeeding to shout some babble at me for taking to long to feed her. Its pretty funny, my mom even heard her yelling babble at me when I was on the phone to her. She is still a good baby sleeping well and the crying spells are few and far between but she is developing a little bit of baby attitude.

Buggito has discovered her hands are fun to watch these days, I catch her rubbing them together in front of her eyes like a mad scientist and it makes me laugh. She has also started to notice the dogs a bit more than she did before which is pretty cute!. Her drooling started to pick up again and she really enjoys her Razberry teething pacifier, but her moods despite the teething have been pretty good. I took her to the doctor the other day to double check her ears as she had allot of wax in one but the doctor said she was healthy so that was good. She REALLY hates her vitamin d drops, she makes faces and fights getting them and a few times she has decided the best course of action is to projectile vomit them and about 4 ounces of milk on me when I finnish giving them to her. Daddy has had better luck administering them to her so I have allocated it to his list of jobs, and he seems to be doing it quite well.

My sister mailed me a cute little dress she made for the baby, its still a tiny bit big on her but it wont be much longer until its too snug! I took a few pictures of her in it today to share!. Thank you Auntie Tracy!!! Its beautiful!!!. Other than that not too much new to report, I am pondering what Santa will bring this year and thinking of picking up two part time days at work this September to ensure Buggito has an awesome first Christmas.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Doll time!

Since I discovered the Disney Fairies books a few years ago when working at a bookstore in Saskatoon I have begun to collect them, All with the hopes one day I would have a little girl to read them to. When I found out I was having a girl this spring I was delighted and began to locate some disney fairies dolls for her collection. Here are pictures I found on Flikr of the dolls I have tracked down.

The only doll on my hit list is Prilla (shown below)!!! Once I find her Baby girl will have them all! As each new novel comes out I will keep collecting them for her. Im so excited to have a sweet baby girl to plan/buy girly things for!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010


I took my little Miss, Buggito to Walmart for her first portrait session. I thought I would have to cancel because she clawed her face up the day before, but the scratches faded pretty good by today so we went. She looked beautiful, unfortunately she wasted all her smiles before the camera was ready but they still turned out great. Next time we go will probably be Halloween as a family (borrowing a friends family tradition of family photos in costume). Im thinking I may just save up for a better camera this year and try making a studio at home, by the time you go a few times a year the cost of a new camera and some equipment works out to about even. Anyhow here are the pictures, my physical copies of the photos will be here by mid August and then mailed out to family and friends.