Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Diaper Sale!!!!

Its sad that this is the news that excites me these days. Seeing as I missed out on any and all of the good stuff at the Zellers baby sale this weekend (I'm talking 50% off cribs and play yards....boooooo) it feels like a minor victory in the get ready for baby battle. I was able to convince Chris to take me to the trendy (and only) baby boutique downtown today so we could talk to a sales lady about the differences in the different types of cloth diapers available. After a good long explanation (that lady knows her poop receptacles) I feel more confident that were on the right track. Without any pressure sales she casually mentioned the bamboo diapers that are usually priced at $18.00 a pop were on sale for $10.00 each with the purchase of 12 or more. She let me know the sale would last awhile but I decided what the hell lets pick up some of those bad boys. They are sooooooooooooooo soft, they are like little fuzzy baby duck colored He-Man undies!!!. Maybe next payday I will pick up another batch to ensure I have enough...I'm not sure what the average number of diaper changes is a day.... I guess to help my odds no Indian food while I'm giving the baby breast milk.

Monday, January 18, 2010

24 weeks along~whats new?

The past few weeks I have found I have acquired a bit of a sweet tooth the junk food has been calling to me in a big way. Still not a huge urge or craving for chocolate however. I have been collecting a few more baby items in the past few weeks, I have acquired a sweet baby swing and wooden bassinet. I went to the doctors about my weird rash which has healed although my skin still feels a bit itchy. She sent me for blood work to rule out anything serious, as I have yet to hear from her I'm pretty sure all went well. I'm getting pretty excited about doing my Uc baby ultrasound next month, it looks like the images give you a really great idea of what your baby looks like. So score!!!! Just like Christmas I get to peek early!!!.

Other than that pregnancy wise there is not much to report, the kicks are more frequent in the evenings and easier to notice. My bulge is noticeable but not massive, my mood seems pretty bright. The fatigue I have previously kicked off seems to be returning gradually I'm hoping its only related to the cold I have been fighting, I'm going to need my energy for a few more months yet.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

the honeymoon is over....

So the pregnancy good times seem to be at an end.....my symptom free pregnancy has revolted against me~and hard!!!. I am the current sufferer of a rash that began about a week or so ago at my belly button and has spread its way ever so slowly up my stomach, then my breasts, then my chest, then my neck and now today a few days later it has begun on my arms and legs. When it settles down it is a mild benign pink hue to my skin when it acts up it is an army of tiny red dots with one mission....to drive me slowly mad with their constant itching!!!!. Other than calamine lotion and trying not to go all 'Hell Raiser' on my flesh with my own nails there are few options available to me.

The soonest I can get my next doctors appointment is on the 8th, so I think this Monday I may have to go sit in the walk in clinic for most likely 2-4 hours to get an official diagnosis. I can live with the itchy as long as I know its nothing that could potentially hurt the baby. After doing a bit of online research my official opinion is it may be "PUPPP" Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy. A skin rash common in about 1/150-300 pregnancies. Some of the common symptoms are a bit off such as it skipping the belly button (which for me it didn't) it also appears to be more common in multiple pregnancies, over weight women (not me). Interesting fact 70% of Puppp carriers deliver boys maybe this could prove my suspicions. I may be wrong but here is a picture I found online that looks pretty much like what I have.

The other pregnancy rashes described don't seem to fit the symptoms and look of what I have...stay tuned though to find out my diagnosis. Until then I'm going to paint my boobies up in pink calamine lotion like some primitive tribal woman and go hit the sac!