Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February update!

February has heralded the arrival of 4 that's right.... count em up 4 new teeth. Technically two of them started to come out in January, but by this months end Baby's little vampire fangs filled in and her top front row of teeth are in place. They look a little bit like piranha teeth as they are slightly spaced apart, they are so cute!!!!.

Leaps and bounds is the best way to describe this months progress, baby has perfected the art of crawling, she has learned to pull herself from her belly into a sitting position, she has learned how to pull herself up on the furniture into a standing position, she has learned how to creep around said furniture, she knows how to walk forward holding onto mommy or daddy's hands, she knows how to say mommy and didi (daddy) and last but not least she has learned how to bounce like a bunny rabbit in her jolly jumper. So much change in such a short period of time..... its both exciting and a bit sad, she is not going to be a baby too much longer, she is working her way into toddler-hood at a rapid pace.

Daddy's girl is how I would best describe Buggito's personality at this time. If you so much as whisper "daddy", it brings about squeals and shrieks of "DIDIDIDIDIDIIIIIIII". Mama "Mo-Mo" only gets called when its time for a good feeding or snuggle nap, the rest of the time its all about Chris. That's okay though he put in allot of time of playing second fiddle to me when she was really little and only wanted the food source to attend to her needs. It warms my heart to see his big smiles when she calls out to him and to watch him scoop her up into his arms singing "sweet little buttercup" to her as they prance around the house:). It was literally a year ago we went up to Halifax for an ultrasound and found out the sex of the baby, as soon as we found out it was a girl he was in a slight state of shock. He was so scared he wouldn't know how to parent a girl and so worried she would be a little fragile porcelain doll easily breakable and hard to handle. He grew into his roll nicely and its nice to see all those fears alleviated today :).

Buggito's baby babble is off the hook, she has lots to say, if only we could understand it all :). One department were having difficulty with is getting baby to eat her rice cereal, because she is a breastfed baby she needs the extra iron that this cereal provides for her. She HATES it!!! I am able to sneak her a few bites in some yogurt some days but over all she is not a fan, if she sees me mixing it she starts making gagging noises in her highchair. We have tried a few different brands and making it more palatable but nothing seems to work. Tomorrow I am going to the dietitian to get some tips and tricks and figure out how to get iron into her diet. On the plus side baby likes some foods, she does like yogurt, peas, prunes, edamame, cheese, crackers, I think she enjoys the novelty of feeding herself small pieces of easily chewed food!

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Heather said...


Haha, I understand how hard it is to get on here, but if nothing else I hope to see some great pics of Arwen's 1st birthday!!! A BIG Happy Birthday to her this Saturday. You, Arwen, and Chris - take care. :)

Heather, Ed, and baby J