Monday, January 18, 2010

24 weeks along~whats new?

The past few weeks I have found I have acquired a bit of a sweet tooth the junk food has been calling to me in a big way. Still not a huge urge or craving for chocolate however. I have been collecting a few more baby items in the past few weeks, I have acquired a sweet baby swing and wooden bassinet. I went to the doctors about my weird rash which has healed although my skin still feels a bit itchy. She sent me for blood work to rule out anything serious, as I have yet to hear from her I'm pretty sure all went well. I'm getting pretty excited about doing my Uc baby ultrasound next month, it looks like the images give you a really great idea of what your baby looks like. So score!!!! Just like Christmas I get to peek early!!!.

Other than that pregnancy wise there is not much to report, the kicks are more frequent in the evenings and easier to notice. My bulge is noticeable but not massive, my mood seems pretty bright. The fatigue I have previously kicked off seems to be returning gradually I'm hoping its only related to the cold I have been fighting, I'm going to need my energy for a few more months yet.

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i am the diva said...

i hear good things about fish oil and a good multi vit to help curb cravings.

i hardly had any cravings - and i didn't get any fun cravings... although one time i was at work and i went; "Hm, i could REAALY go for some black olives"...and then a few minutes later "Hm,...i could REAALY go for some chocolate ice cream.." then, the wheels started turning and i thought that the combination of black olives and chocolate ice cream just may be the most delicious thing of all time... luckily (??) for me i was at work, and by the time i got home where i actually HAD black olives and chocolate ice cream, the craving had disappeared.

My main cravings were Apple Juice, Club sandwhiches, and coke slurpees.