Friday, February 19, 2010

Possible complications

I went for my routine doctors visit where my doctor had finally received the report from my ultrasound. The baby appears to be healthy but there was a small problem that requires me to go in for a follow up ultrasound. It appears my placenta is laying too low in my uterus partially blocking my cervix. She said not to be alarmed as in most cases the further along you get in your pregnancy it tends to move upwards with the growth of your uterus. But if it is still laying low and obstructing the birth canal I may have to have the baby by cesarean.

So now we wait for the hospital to call us with our next ultrasound appointment to see what the scoop is. I could be scared or concerned about this, but I'm actually handling it pretty well. The way I see it, if your going to have to have a c-section it would be far better to be prepared for it well in advance then after 10 hours of failed labour, while your baby is going into distress. I'm sure all will be well, the chances of having Placenta previa (also known as low lying placenta) are pretty slim. Worst case scenario, I do have it and need to take my Mat leave a bit early as there is a risk for your placenta to tear from your uterus and cause hemorrhage.

On a more cheerful note, this coming Tuesday (only a few days now:)) Chris and I will be doing our 3d ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby, I will need to make a 45 minute CD of music to accompany the DVD of baby, I'm really hoping the baby will cooperate so I can get as many pictures as possible!!!. The receptionist said depending on the baby you can get anywhere from 20-100 images :). I'm hoping for at least 75!! that way baby can have an entire scrapbook dedicated to its fetal moments.

While in Halifax we are also hoping to pick up a used rocking chair we found online that I'm planning on reupholstering for the baby's room when we redecorate it!. Last but not least a trip to Babies-R-Us the next day to maybe buy one of the baby items still on our list~then the long drive home!. The dogs will be able to join us for some of the fun and will be staying at puppy daycare for a few hours while we run our errands. It should be a busy but fun weekend for the whole family.

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i am the diva said...

wow! keep us posted on the placenta dealie! also i can't wait to hear what the sex is!!