Tuesday, February 9, 2010

things keep moving....

So this week is the last week of my second trimester, as of next Tuesday I'm officially in my third trimester. Baking babies isn't such a time consuming process after all, especially when it still seems like you have so much to buy/ do and prepare for. As you can see from the first picture I'm noticeably pregnant at this point, lots of people asking my due date. My only real complaint is I can't crouch for any length of time before my legs feel like they are going to fall off, and now when you get down on the floor its allot harder to get back up. The bump may not be large at this point but your stomach has no flexibility left, its like having a ball tied to your waist you can only bend forward so far.

Today we picked up our crib from the Sears outlet center, its a much heftier model than what is available locally, defiantly better than the thin cheap ones available at Zellers and Walmart. I have to doubt the safety of something if you give it a quick shake and the whole unit is swaying and rattling. This thing looks much more solid and its one of the 4-in-1 cribs so I can turn it into a toddler and double bed later with the rail expansion. We may just leave it as a crib though for potential future babies...should we decide we want them after number one.

Chris and I have done a bit of baby shopping this week, were trying not to get too much clothing until after the 3d ultrasound, just a few onesies and outfits that can be unisex. Although I found the cutest track suit that I decided we needed to get for the baby when we go to Crab fest this year! (seeing as crab fest is the only yearly tradition we currently have). Come on a smiling Pirate Lobster...how cute is that?. We have picked up some bottles, diaper covers, sleepers, baby toiletries a single package of newborn disposables as I hear babies have gross black tar poop on their first week or so and I don't want to ruin the cloth ones, seeing as the whole point is to be able to reuse them over and over.

I never thought a diaper of all things could be cute, but the newborn diapers are so tiny its pretty cute to think a whole little torso and bum will fit into them. Here is the diaper in comparison to a tissue. I think it may even be too small for Foxy my three lb Pomeranian.

The public health nurse phoned me and gave me some information on the prenatal course they were offering, we will go on March 9th and also pick up additional information on the hospital tours and the contact info for the lactation consultant. Maybe she can show me how to use my breast pump.....which I still need to buy. We did pick one up last week but we returned it the following day as the online reviews for it were crap. I think we may just have to suck it up (hahah pardon the pun) and get the Medela brand, which of course is in the top price range, but also has tons of good customer reviews online. I guess you gotta pay for quality.

I have had two dreams lately about the babies sex, one dream I was doing a series of urine color tests and the majority came back pink. Then last night I dreamed we were at our ultrasound and the baby was indeed a girl. So we will see if my dreams have any prophetic powers of determination or if my earlier gut feeling for a boy was correct. Only two more weeks until the puzzle is solved and I can start to gather either more Dragon paraphernalia or go to Winners and stock up on all the cute little 'Jackie Kennedy' 1950's style baby dresses. Oh that's right if were going girl were going hardcore!!!

The babies movement has been a bit more violent as of late, instead of getting a few gentle nudges I'm getting two and three punch combos, I swear I even felt a round house kick in there. I can see my stomach twitch and pop under the kicks now which is not as gross as I thought it would be, in fact its kind of cool. It shouldn't be too much longer until I can start to get some good video footage of the movements taking place. By the end of this month we should know if its a boy or girl and then we should be ready to start renovating the nursery for the baby. I'm very excited to have at least that one space completed before the baby arrives. Other than that not much new going on in the world of me and my "stinking baby" (which is our current nickname for the little bugger).

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i am the diva said...

oh my, your belly is sooo cute...
as for the newbie diapers, when Chewie was born we had to fold the front down halfway to make them fit his teeny tiny little less-than-five-pound bum. Sigh.
Also, i dreamt twice that Chewie was a girl - and was also told by a psychic friend that my baby needs a tiara ...i was certain he was a girl until the minute he was born and B-rad said: "We have a son!" (maybe the psychic was telling us that Chewie will be fabulous?) For someday Baby #2 i think we'll find out the gender before hand.