Saturday, August 28, 2010

Santa Claus

I have it on good authority from Santa Claus that Buggito should be getting a Melissa and Doug piano for Christmas as her Big present.

Speaking of Santa Claus, Mommy already picked up our Christmas outfit to wear for Mall Santa photo's this year, a cute little knit dress with stockings and a little Scottie dog over coat. I'm very excited, As it has been Chris and I for the last few Christmas's we have not really done anything big or special. As its the babies first Christmas it will be the first year we get a tree to decorate. Also exciting, Carlton cards is getting babies first Christmas ornaments with little carousel unicorns and teddy bears!. This is whats on my mind lately, planning a good Christmas for the baby.


Heather said...

It's WAY TOO EARLY to be thinking about Christmas!!! LOL You're scaring me. :(

My mind is on Halloween, my fave holiday! :D I think I'm going to order a bunny costume for our lil' pumpkin. That way it had BETTER be OUT by Oct 31st or it's going to feel pretty silly wearing a costume in November. ;)

Very cute outfit BTW.

Heather said...

Longest time EVER without any updates!! Hope everyone is well, looking forward to the next post. ;)