Tuesday, August 3, 2010

saucy baby!

Baby Buggito has begun to voice her opinions loudly these days, when she wants something (me) and I take my time getting there she makes sure to give me shit about it. She will go from crying/ screaming to calming right down when I hold her then she will look up at me and just yell babble at me. Even when she hasn't worked herself into a frenzy she is sure to interrupt herself breastfeeding to shout some babble at me for taking to long to feed her. Its pretty funny, my mom even heard her yelling babble at me when I was on the phone to her. She is still a good baby sleeping well and the crying spells are few and far between but she is developing a little bit of baby attitude.

Buggito has discovered her hands are fun to watch these days, I catch her rubbing them together in front of her eyes like a mad scientist and it makes me laugh. She has also started to notice the dogs a bit more than she did before which is pretty cute!. Her drooling started to pick up again and she really enjoys her Razberry teething pacifier, but her moods despite the teething have been pretty good. I took her to the doctor the other day to double check her ears as she had allot of wax in one but the doctor said she was healthy so that was good. She REALLY hates her vitamin d drops, she makes faces and fights getting them and a few times she has decided the best course of action is to projectile vomit them and about 4 ounces of milk on me when I finnish giving them to her. Daddy has had better luck administering them to her so I have allocated it to his list of jobs, and he seems to be doing it quite well.

My sister mailed me a cute little dress she made for the baby, its still a tiny bit big on her but it wont be much longer until its too snug! I took a few pictures of her in it today to share!. Thank you Auntie Tracy!!! Its beautiful!!!. Other than that not too much new to report, I am pondering what Santa will bring this year and thinking of picking up two part time days at work this September to ensure Buggito has an awesome first Christmas.

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i am the diva said...

Chewie hated the vitamin D drops too. They are gross.

Try the concentrated ones, we got those and all you do is put a drop or two on your nipple before feeding, or on a bottle if you're bottle feeding. They're a bit more expensive, but they last forever cuz they're concentrated, plus you don't have to fight with them every time.