Monday, November 1, 2010

October update!!!

October was an interesting month for 'Buggito', she began the month with only a slight ability to hold herself up in the sitting position. A skill she managed to master by months end. Although she had made a few accidental turns in the past few months, October Buggito saw the light and discovered it was SHE that had the power and ability to make this happen. The result of which was pointless and gratuitous flipping over onto her stomach. October we got some good giggles still no belly laughs...I guess were not as funny as we thought.

She is getting much better at standing up for longer periods of time holding only our fingers for support, She has also mastered the ability to pull herself up into a sitting position with our hands. She has even done a few "crunches" when she leans too far back into a pillow to get herself sitting up right again. Crawling mechanics are being experimented with, Buggito has learned how to move ever so slightly using the inch worm technique. I estimate by December she will be crawling all over the house...Look out Mushu and Foxy!!!

October was also interesting as it was the first time I got to play single parent, Daddy went to Saskatchewan for 10 days leaving me and baby behind. I was a bit nervous at first because after a long day of taking care of baby its nice sometimes to pass her off and get a break. With Chris gone I really didn't have anyone to tag me out. But the time went by fine enough, the baby was really good while he was gone. We only had one bad day but a bath and a nap managed to restore both baby and me to our easy going selves. I was also able to rearrange the living room and finish knitting the babies Oilers sweater while he was gone.

Buggito has now decided her waking moments are best spent exploring/experimenting with her toys rather than just snuggling with mom and dad and passively watching the world. Daddy bought her the Toy Story 3 talking phone and a colorful Ring Stacker which are currently the bees knees in my house. Looking at them reminds me of the good old days where I vowed I would not have a home cluttered with primary colored plastic toys!. In my defense though I wasn't the one who brought them into the house. Sometimes Daddy's have to do things their way too.

Its hard to believe that a little over 5 months ago this little person was just a squirmy bump inside my belly. Each day we get to see a bit more of her personality as she begins to express herself more vocally and physically. She is generally a pretty laid back baby, full of smiles and loves to cuddle. She is shy with strangers at first but after a bit of coaxing is happy to share her smiles with the public. She is generally patient and doesn't mind waiting a few minutes on a diaper change or a feeding but once she has reached her limit she has no problem letting you know. She is not big on crying and will use it as a last resort preferring to make whine/fuss noises or to yell angry babble at us first :).

The last exciting milestone for Baby was her first Halloween, I still have to book our family portraits and will post them once done. For Halloween baby wore her Dragon suit and went trick or treating with Daddy, they hit 4 neighbourhood houses and stayed to visit at each for at least 15 minutes or so. She even went to visit a set of neighbours who are related to the family who used to own this house, they gave her a toonie in her bucket because that's what the older man who lived here used to give the kids. Her little loot bucket was full despite us telling people she didn't need any treats this year. Next years trick or treating should be lots of fun as she will be able to walk to each house and understand whats going on a bit better.

That is pretty much October in a nutshell!


holly said...

Absolutely love it sweetie - Arwen is going to have such a good account of those first days and will love you for it. Remember how much you loved looking at photos of yourself when you were young - I think that you would have loved the updates too - She's just such a little beauty.

Heather said...

I love the costume!!! Looks WAY more comfortable than Julian's, his was all scratchy inside. I can't believe Garson took her out trick-or-treating, that's hilarious! Good to hear you got some loot from it too. Your agent fee will decrease significantly in the future. I'm glad to hear your family is doing well. Good luck with teething!