Sunday, November 28, 2010

Whats new??

As the month of November ends I find myself rethinking my Christmas present choice, baby may not be quite ready for a small grand piano. A few more age appropriate toys will be best for her as she has really begun to appreciate playing with her various toys. While on a Christmas note~ we set up our Christmas tree last week and baby took her Santa mall photo. We took Buggito to the mall about an hour and a half before Santa was due to arrive, of course rather than fall asleep right away, she didn't decide to nap until about 15 minutes before Santa arrived. I tried waking her up for photos a few times but she was having none of it, so I decided that's fine she can just nap on Santa for her photo. As soon as she was placed in his lap her eyes shot open and she sat there mildly stunned/ confused trying to figure out where she was. The photographer got our picture and we decided Ah-what the hell, its better than a pic of her screaming we'll take it.

We finally took our family themed Halloween photos (almost a month late), I should have those handy by mid December to share. That leaves three photo shoots to go. This coming up Sunday is doggie Mall Santa photos, then we want to do a tacky family picture in front of our Christmas tree for our Christmas cards, last but never least will be baby girls fancy Christmas portrait!. Whew!!! Chronicling my family can be exhausting work!.

Buggitos first tooth popped up a friend only two days after our initial discovery (see picture below for a peek at those beautiful chompas!). So now she will have her bottom two front teeth for Christmas!. As far as her teeth go, she is still chewing quite a bit and drooling allot, I'm not sure if that's because they are still working their way up through the gums or if more teeth are coming soon?. I have been bitten on more than one occasion while nursing and I cant say I'm a fan of that, after a stern "NO" though she stops and begins to eat properly again. The first time I said it to her in my stern/angry voice she almost burst into tears, I realised it was the first time I had ever spoken harshly towards her. Poor baby, but a hug and kiss let her know I wasn't angry with her.

Buggito tries each day to figure out this crawling thing but its tough work so we haven't mastered it yet. That doesn't mean little Miss hasn't adapted ways of coping with her need to explore and limited mobility. She has learned to pull the tray of remotes on the coffee table towards herself to reach them after Mommy has put them out of reach. She has discovered how to get onto her belly gently from a sitting position, and when something is out of reach you can always try rolling sideways towards it. So it wont be long before Mommy and Daddy have to do a child proofing inventory of the house and the puppies will need to learn how to dodge allot faster.

Yesterday morning we went to Daddy's Christmas party for the kids, Buggito was the youngest one there but that didn't stop her from being the best behaved one as well :). Seeing the look on all the kids faces when Santa showed up to give out presents was priceless! I thought Buggito would have been more interested in all the children and toddlers there but the silver spoon at the table got most of her attention. I wouldn't call her shy but she definitely doesn't give her smiles away too easily to strangers. She has even been nervous and clingy when I had a friend over to the house that she has seen a few times before. It took her about an hour to decide she liked her and to start to smile and play with her.

As far as November goes that's pretty much it for the big news, baby is growing like a weed and our thoughts are geared towards Christmas :).

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