Friday, December 11, 2009

18 weeks and counting....

(oh hahahaha I just realised my title was an accidental parody of 18 kids and counting)Today I went for my 18 week check up. Since I became pregnant 18 weeks ago I have put on 9 lbs. So 1/2 a lb every week....not too shabby~ especially given all the junk food cravings :(. My uterus is 17 inches long (I believe that's what she said?), My prenatal serum testing came back good and my babies heartbeat is strong and steady. It was a good day and I have to say a weight has been lifted off my shoulders after my maternal serum tests came back negative!!. I am supposed to be feeling the baby soon, I'm not sure if the random abdominal twitches I have been getting are it or not?, although I had a stomach twitch when the doctor was giving me my Doppler test and she replied that she could see some strong movement~so maybe its not wishful thinking on my part after all.

I have exactly 10 days until my first ultrasound at the hospital. I have been told that they wont tell me the sex of the baby, But I'm still going to try to get it out of them......maybe slip them a $20.00 :). If that doesn't work all is good as I plan on making a trip up to Halifax to do the UC baby 3D ultrasound this January or February!. Am I hoping for a boy or girl?, I don't care as long as the baby is healthy and normal. But if I had to guess what I'm having I'm going to guess boy. I may be one of those out of touch Moms with no sense of motherly intuition on the matter ~but that's the gut feeling I am getting about it....that's okay, boys can play with Unicorns too right?.

In two more weeks I will be halfway through my pregnancy~wow time flies!! especially when you have so much to do to prepare for the arrival of a baby. The downside of this week is everyone is commenting on how pregnant I'm looking including the neighbours I barely talk to. So I'm feeling a little fat~ but only in the stomach, its like I went on my three day break and came back with a Cornish hen in my belly. But at long LOOOOOOONG last my boobies have arrived!!! I have only been waiting for these girls to show up since I was 12!. That's right ladies and gentlemen I have bounced out of the lightweight B division into a respectable C cup at long last!!!. Hello new bras, goodbye my pert and perky friends~these babies got some weight to them!!!.

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i am the diva said...

LOL the bit about the boobs made me giggle. thanks! I hope you post another pic soon, i bet you're just super adorable...

I had "motherly" intuition that chewie was a Girl - and i believed he would be a she up until the moment B-rad looked up at me and said: "We have a son!" and i was like; "What? are you sure? can you check again?"