Monday, December 21, 2009

Can you feel it?

So what has been happening in the last few weeks? Well as of tomorrow I'm 20 weeks along~halfway through my pregnancy!!!. Around the last half of my 18th week I started to feel very definite movements in my belly. The best way to describe how they feel would be to compare them to being flicked, but from the inside rather than outside (when I told my sister this her exact response was Eeeeeeewwwwww). They have been located on the left side or lower abdomen more than the right. About a week after I started to feel them Chris was actually able to catch one while laying in bed with his hand pressed firmly onto my belly. It was so cute, the first night I started to get a few in a row I told Chris, he jumped up right away all excited "Can I feel it too?". Unfortunately it wasn't until a few days later he could join me in the excitement.

The other day while walking through Staples we heard a *tink...roll* on the floor in front of us and looked down to see my coat button laying there. It was indeed the button near my belly, I turned to Chris and laughed " I guess the baby kicked it off". He started to laugh and said "Whats the baby doing kung-fu in there?". This made me laugh even harder and I told him "yup, I guess its the reincarnation of Bruce Lee".

Today was the big day~our ultrasound!!!! I had no idea they take so long, I thought it would be a 20 minute thing. We arrived at the hospital at 8:00am and didn't end up leaving until about 9:30am. I had to go in with the ultrasound technician alone for the first hour while she took about 140-150 pictures of the baby~who apparently wasn't cooperating for the important shots!!!. For half of that time I waited patiently staring at the ceiling while she probed my belly, but when she found some good angles she turned the monitor so I could watch too. While watching all our baby shows on TLC, when we see women crying after their babies are born I laugh and call them pussies. Shhhhhhhhh don't tell Chris but I got a little choked up when I saw our babies little face for the first time on the monitor, but for the record I sucked it up and kept myself composed~thank you very much!!!. My baby has all its fingers and toes!!! cute little ears and its heartbeat was around 134 bpm today. The tech was not allowed to tell me the sex of the baby...booooooooooooooo. But she did tell me to look at the screen when she had a good shot from below between its legs....unfortunately what I saw could have been the bottom view of either testicles or a little va-J-J. That's okay in a month or two we are going to do the 3D ultrasound in Halifax anyhow so all is well.

I had to do the near impossible take a short pee halfway through my test to try to readjust the babies position but I wasn't allowed to take a full pee...asking a pregnant woman to do that an hour after consuming a full litre of water is just sick I tells ya sick!!!. But I managed. Afterwards we got the ever illusive spinal shot. I watched the baby move around a bit including open and shut its mouth and throw its arm over its face in the ever dramatic pre-faint pose seen on soap operas. After all the medical shots were taken Chris was able to come in and he pulled up a stool and held my hand while the technician explained all the bits and pieces to him. He was pretty excited, It was a great moment to share with the man I love so much!. She got a few more pictures for us and despite the fact she was only supposed to give us one or two images she gave us four...SCORE!!!.

As I ran into the little bathroom to FINALLY take my real pee I could hear Chris asking a whole bunch of questions about the machinery...ahhh that guy is just so fascinated with his technology :). Apparently the machine she was using was pretty new because instead of getting the frail heat sensitive prints from the machine she was able to burn our images to a disk for us!!. Which we promptly took to Walmart to mail out some images to the Grandma squad and Auntie Tracy.

At last ......drum roll please.................May I present to you MY FETUS!! TADA!!


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Heather said...

First ultrasound pics - so exciting!

Judging from your other standpoints on important issues, I'm guessing you're environmentally conscious as well. I started thinking about the horrible disposable diaper dilemma vs the not as horrible yet super-incovenient cloth diaper solution, but figured there might be new products out there as an alternative to both- and voila:

These sound awesome, best of both worlds! And they look DAMN adorable. Something to think about.


pixiekissed said...

yeah, I think were going to try cloth diapers and get some of the new biodegradable disposables for when we are out of the house for an extended period of time. Thats the pre-baby plan anyhow....we'll see how it goes post baby :).