Friday, November 6, 2009

Its Alive!!!!!

Today Chris and I went to the doctors office together for our regular check up. I put on three pounds since my last check up about five weeks ago (better be in the baby areas and not my ass!!!). The highlight of my visit and my week for that matter was we were able to listen to the babies heart beat for the first time!!!. That was pretty exciting, especially since my symptoms have been so mild, somedays it feels more like Im getting better from a cold and its easy to forget Im pregnant. Hearing the baby and being reassured by the doctor that his/her heartbeat is strong made this process a little bit more real to me, there really is someone living and growing inside of me, its not just my imagination.

Later I asked Chris why he doesnt seem as excited as I do about the baby and he laughed at me telling me he is just as excited, but that I probably dont think anyone is as excited as I am about it. As Im the only one really experiencing any of the babies growth/symptoms right now. He then told me the baby is like an imaginary friend to him at this point. He believes its there but he cant see it or feel it because its "hiding away in Narnia, but once Mr.Tumnus decides to come out and say hello he will know for a fact hes real". I had to laugh, this whole time I thought I was having gas pains turns out it was really an epic battle between good and evil in my womb a.k.a "Narnia"!!!

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i am the diva said...

i think it's pretty normal for the dudes to feel like that. B-rad didn't start getting *excited* until Chewie kicked him in the face through my belly. Just wait until Chris can feel/see the kicks, the stretches, the summersaults... Oh, and the summersaults are totally funny - feels like that roller coaster feeling... that is until they get bigger, then it's not so fun. :D ENJOY!