Monday, November 16, 2009

what a sad world.....

So through some random web surfing I stumbled across a little documentary called "Consuming Kids". I highly suggest anyone with Children or planning on having one watch it. You can watch the entire thing on Google video. Its pretty disturbing the extent of marketing corporations gear towards kids. Its little wonder we have 10 year olds dressing like hookers and children so self absorbed and materialistic these days.

I can guarantee after watching this that cable will only be available to mommy and daddy after the kids are in bed in my house. I also can guarantee for the sake of my Children's childhood there will be pretty monitored Internet and media access as well.

Wow I never thought I would be one of "those" parents, but looking at the way the next generation is behaving I think its time to bring back some good old fashioned values. It may sound hypocritical of me as a frequent user of this technology, however when I was a little kid I was not exposed to as much as these children are. I had a chance to grow up and appreciate a day at the beach with my family, Now kids spend more time in front of the computer/ cell phones/ and television than they do with their families. What kind of childhood memories are an Xbox 360 going to create?. What kind of values are children being taught by their families?, I can guarantee not as many values as the corporations are stuffing in their little spongy brains.

~Looks like parenting just got allot more complicated.


Heather said...

"What kind of childhood memories are an Xbox 360 going to create?"

My sentiments exactly. I am disgusted by our nation's gross consumerism and plan on teaching my children the value of relationships and experiences, rather than things. People are so f-ed up nowadays they don't even know how unhappy they REALLY are: eating themselves to death (or drinking/drugs) and mindless antisocial activity to pass the time...
I do believe there's going to be a major turnaround with future generations as we've reached the peak of "luxurious living" and unsustainable conditions.

I'll have to watch that video you suggested. If you haven't already seen "The Story of Stuff" it is available on Google as well. It's not overly long, but look for the full version.

i am the diva said...

I am totally with you on this. I think Parents aren't parenting anymore. Partially because we have to work out of the home a lot of the time. But the time that you ARE with your kids, you have to be aware of what those little sponges are sucking into their subconcious.
I was really sick last week and for lack of any other option, i had to park Chewie in front of a movie with some crackers, just so i could get a bit of sleep - but i felt damn guilty for using a digital babysitter.

I just don't get why some people have kids at all? Sigh.

i think its up to our generation to bring back the childhood... y'know? We're of the generation that can remember having the familiy memories, but also had the technology in our childhoods too. As opposed to those people who were having little kids when we were in high school...if that makes any sense.

We need to remember that a balance CAN exist... and that a "Magic box" is not a parent or a babysitter.

Rock on, lady friend. I'm with you.