Monday, November 9, 2009

Maternity wear, Nightmare...

So living in a small town has its draw backs, especially when looking for maternity clothing. I checked out both Walmart's, and the pants they have available look like granny slacks with a a super huge stomach (the interfacing comes right under my tits/ think Steve Urkel extreme). I couldn't help but think, If I'm old enough to like the style of these things I am WELL past menopause, in fact I'm most likely spending my pension at the bingo hall. My next trip took me to Zellers, which used to have a decent sized maternity section, now absolutely nothing, the entire section has been removed. At this point my regular jeans are beginning to make me feel like an over stuffed sausage so I'm trying desperately to find some options.

As Chris and I hit the mall we see mannequins in the Ricki's window with the full maternity gear on and the clothes are pretty cute too!. We walk in take a look at the $80.00 price tag on a pair of jeans I will only wear for a few more months, then walk out. Online I notice Old Navy's maternity jeans look nice and are half the price. So I plan to send Chris up to nab me a few pairs on his next business trip.

This Friday after dinner out, I convince Chris to let me browse at my favourite store V.V boutique, better known to the world as Value Village and lo and behold I hit the mother load (pun fully intended!). A modern Mom must have recently shed her baby weight because before me is a rack full of nice maternity jeans (Gap/Thyme maternity) and Thyme maternity t-shirts in relatively new condition. I stock up and manage to get half a dozen jeans and an armful of shirts for $100.00 bucks. On top of that I find an awesome snugli carrier for the baby at $5.00. SCORE!!!~man do I love a good deal. The icing on this cake is the vintage solid wood high chair we found last week for $35.00 tax included!, I have been looking for a decent one on ebay for weeks. As I know first hand from my time baby sitting a few years ago these modern "lazy boy" chairs with their waterproof cushioned padding glued down to the chair are a nightmare to clean. All the seam grooves are the perfect place for crumbs to find their final resting place. This way I will just make a few baby cushions to tie down to the back of the chair that can be untied and thrown in the wash if they get too gross.

I'm slowly starting to accumulate a stash of goods for baby and Chris's Mom will be shipping me out two rubber maid bins of cute baby stuff I have been collecting over the years. Its hard not to want to tuck something away for your future when your out browsing gift ideas for friends babies :). So I'm hoping my recent haul and the arrival of a few more items should curb my urge to splurge at least until after my ultra sound when I know for sure if its a girl or boy.


i am the diva said...

Well done on the bargain front!! Yech, Maternity clothes are RIDICULOUSLY over priced because it's a total niche market... unless one wants to wear nothing but Mumus for 9 months.

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