Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Make my day!!!!

This past Sunday while at work one of my regular customers, an older lady I nicknamed 'Canadians lady' (as she always has her Montreal Canadians gear on, from the coat/ toque right down to the wallet and the watch etc.)came in and called me to the store front. She told me she had noticed I was pregnant and decided to make me something for the baby. She pulled a little bag out from under her coat and in it was a sweet little hand knit jacket and bonnet. I couldn't believe it! It really made my day. I have always told Chris that every baby needs a little hand knit sweater set and then one lands right on my lap. Its funny how sometimes you can get the absolute worst customers, then every once in awhile you get a really nice one that makes up for the rest of them.

The very next day I was also pleasantly surprised by a package in the mail from my friend Cheryl, in it was a letter and a gift for the baby. The gift was a super sweet KISS onesie, but all the Kiss characters are little teddy bears! Its pretty freak'in adorable!!! Thanks Auntie Cheryl!!! you picked a winner!!!!

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