Tuesday, March 2, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things..

So the three (here I thought it was only 2) Rubbermaid boxes of cute baby stuff I have been collecting over the last 4 years arrived in the mail yesterday thanks to Chris's mom who has been keeping them safe for us. As if that wasn't enough super cute baby stuff to be going through, a girl from work brought me in a huge box of baby girls clothing that her cousins baby had outgrown.... My baby officially has a full wardrobe!!!. Despite all this I couldn't resist picking up a little baby swimsuit today as I plan on taking her to the pool when she hits the right age (I think its 5-18 months) for the starfish swim classes!!!.

The best part, I had forgotten most of the great stuff I had collected, which just so happened to be mostly for a little girl....go figure!!!. here are a few of my favourites!!.

Every little girl needs a herd of unicorns as well as some fairy pals. The best part one of those unicorns is vanilla scented and has spread its sweet aroma to all the other plushies!. I think vanilla sounds pretty accurate for what I would guess a unicorn to smell like :).

A cute glittering star to dangle from the ceiling!

My absolute favourite a pink unicorn fairy mobile (that's right a hybrid ~ half fairy, half unicorn)...sorry for the blur.....

These sweet little shoes should compliment the little dresses I have collected for her nicely!!.

The last big purchase to share is the sweet crib bedding I ordered on ebay!!!. I have been looking everywhere for a nice set and at last I found one!!! We wont be going as pink on the walls as the sample photo, Chris wants to paint a tree with little birds and cherry blossoms in the branches on the wall behind the crib. I cant wait until we have the babies room all done!!!.

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i am the diva said...

i can't wait to see photos of the finished room! also, i think there was a severe lacking of fairies and unicorns in my childhood. Instead, i got Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and GI Joes... which were still pretty awesome, if you think about it.