Monday, March 1, 2010

A scary few hours....

So the evening of February 28th we had ourselves a bit of scare. I was just cleaning up at the end of the night from my shift at work. I had finished mopping the floors and was just bringing some of the bread in from the store front when I hit a wet patch of floor and came crashing down. I managed to swivel mid fall to avoid landing face down on the floor, but I did come down on my left side. My legs and arms got the brunt of the impact but a small section of my stomach hit the floor as well. I only had about 10 minutes until we locked the doors and so I didn't bother telling the girls and having them get all worked up over it. We finished up, locked up and I got in the waiting car.

I told Chris to take me up to the hospital right away which he did. We went into the emergency where they sent me straight up to labour and delivery. I explained what had happened to the nursing staff up there and they got me into a room. I was hooked up to the fetal heart right monitor and given a button to press whenever I felt the baby move so they could monitor the baby. Chris and I had to stay at the hospital for 4 hours of observation having the babies heart rate and movements electronically measured on a little chart that looked very similar to a lie detector test. At the end of the tests I was given the clear and sent home, Chris and I stayed awake late that night and I payed close attention to the babies movements. By the time we went to bed it had been a full 8 hours since the incident and things seemed good. I have the next two days off and will just be taking it easy, the baby seems to be doing good, but needless to say it was a bit scary.

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i am the diva said...

oh God, that's awful... i'm glad you and baby are safe and sound. It really is terrifying, seeing as you're carrying such precious cargo.