Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Trimester in the home stretch!!

So This coming up Tuesday I will have official hit my second trimester!! booyah!. This week for the first time yet, I started to feel a bit nauseous, nothing came of it and it only lasted for two days. I would describe it more as a motion sickness it only acted up when I was moving around, when I was resting a bit more it was fine. The last two days I have been feeling back to normal again though!. If the baby books are to be believed this week my uterus is rising out of my pelvic area so maybe it was the extra changes that caused the mild discomfort.

Before I reach the second trimester officially though I thought I would get a picture of my 12 week baby bump. Its not massive, but its there now!!!

TA DA!!! a picture of me and my fetal unit!!!

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Heather said...

You sure you're not just sticking your stomach out??? I swear I can look 6 months preggers after a Red Lobster feast... LOL! I think the proof is in the pudding once you can't "suck it in" anymore! ;')