Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In the beginning....there was urine.

Maybe there were some signs? Certainly there were no symptoms yet. Was the first the weird light bleeding that occurred the day after my plane arrived in Vancouver that I chalked up to stress?. Or maybe the day I started to notice other women, turning to my mother and saying "wow there sure are allot of pregnant women downtown today".

Two weeks of a happy holiday come and go and nothing out of the ordinary occurs, my breasts are sore as they always are pending my upcoming visit from the 'Bloody Barron'. Along with my appetite turning me into a land shark who will eat anything and everything in her path~nothing that does not occur each month. So for a full week my regular monthly ritual begins- another half a week and I'm home again to the east coast. Nothing other than a full on head cold contracted during my trip to bother me, maybe my internal clock is jammed up and I'm just thinking I was due. The Boyfriend is out of town for work and I go to the calendar.....hmmmmmm according to the little X on the fourth day of August the Baron should have graced me with his presence by now.

To test or not to test? lets test, its just going to come back negative anyhow then you can quit worrying about it...I mean you did just take one before your vacation and it was negative, and no 'Whoopee' had taken place in the three weeks after that point. So a dollar store test is purchased and spends the evening on the counter awaiting an early morning investigation.

I wake up and pee in a cup (wow that is gonna need some good washing later) and take my little syringe provided to play weird science with my own waste. A few drops in the window and lets go flush the rest, hmmm why wait the whole two minutes the pee is just going to pass over the window produce a single line like it always does and you can be on your merry way again.....Look there is the line~ 'hey buddy long time no see'......'wait a second who's your little friend there?'.

Holy Shit!, I mean what the Fuck! I mean wow I think I need to sit down for a minute. Holy Shit! This cant be happening, We were trying since December, I was ready for this all spring. I was just starting to appreciate what I had in the single life, I mean I gave up seriously trying a few months ago......I wasn't even monitoring my fertile days how could this happen???. WOW.

I had better call Chris...pick up the phone...pick up the phone......(10 more tries). Fine! I'm calling my Mom.

"Hey sweetie how are you?".

A pause "hmmmmmm I think I'm pregnant"

....the conversation continues with me telling my mother not to tell anyone until I have things confirmed by a doctor. Lets phone Chris again. Still no answer! that's it dammit I'm calling you at work.


"go grab your cell phone and call me back immediately!"
thirty second wait before the phone rings.

"I left my cell at home what's wrong?"

"I took a pregnancy test today"


"it says I'm pregnant!"

"Wow, its a good day"

"well don't get to excited its just a dollar store test most likely faulty I will take another one later today when I can get a good one from Walmart"


"okay I will talk to you later, bye".

Off to Walmart, lets find the tests ahhh such a selection.... ohhhhhhh digital...$25.00 bucks screw that I could go out for dinner with that kind of money. Ahhh here we go 'First Response' $14.99 that's more reasonable.....and look I get two!! that's more bang for my buck! score! Lets take this baby home and give one a whirl.

Okay according to test number 2, I am indeed pregnant. Wow, I guess I'll have to tell Chris when he phones tonight....


Heather said...

Ed told me a week or so ago that you and Garson were expecting - tres awesome!!! I can't wait to hear all about your experiences, will be a wild ride!

I can't believe you were in our house and preggo - all the whilst not knowing. Wow. Maybe it'll rub off on us. ;') I have two other friends who are preggerz, the long distance one also has a blog I follow. How far along are you as of today?

Take good care of you and the growing baby. Hope any symptoms you have are minimal. (Except for the uncontrollable giddiness!!!) CONGRATS!

P.S. That hair straightening product you gave me is AWESOME as I'm just learning how to use my new flat iron - makes it nice n' silky!

Much luv <3

i am the diva said...

congratulations!! i'm so happy for you, i know you've been working on it for a while!! hooray!!!!

i am the diva said...

also, i love the name of this blog..... welcome to the wonderful world of MILFs!

pixiekissed said...

haha thanks ladies! we are pretty excited :).