Thursday, October 22, 2009

So your having a baby...PANIC!!!

Step one: The first two weeks~Paranoia!

Oh my god did I just use Ice therapy on my back???? oh crap the label says I shouldn't have. Time to shower it off quick...done. Now time to phone Mom in tears about the possibility of camphor poisoning my baby.

I should make sure the only food going into my body is a fresh vegetable, fruit or healthy protein (meat alternative). Even if it means I have to walk the half hour up to the grocery store everyday to get it. No chocolate, no frozen foods nothing but the best for me and baby!!

I should make sure I'm careful where I walk so I don't slip, make sure I'm not lifting anything too heavy, get lots of rest and fluids, read every label for nutritional content.

Oh my god that woman just coughed on her hand before she handed me a $20.00 bill time to sanitise up to my elbows in the work sink!!! Better remember my face mask while using cleaners...even if they are bio friendly.

Step 2: Weeks 3-4 ~rational thought returns!

This is going to be a long freakin 9 months if I don't settle the hell down. Its time to realise that even women in third world countries, malnourished and living out of garbage heaps manage to give birth to live babies. Hell I have medical, a home, food, fresh water I'm going to be fine!!!. BREATHE~ as the boyfriend says "Your pregnant your not dying, relax!!!.

Step 3: Everything in moderation

If my diet slips occasionally it wont be the end of the world as long as I strive for the best most days, I cant lock myself up in a bubble for 9 months so its time to relax, get some good runners with support and just remember my uncommon sense while at work. It will do no one any good if I don't relax and keep my stress level down.

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