Friday, October 23, 2009

First Trimester symptoms....

As far as the pregnancy lottery goes I hit the jackpot in the symptom department!!.

List of symptoms:
~implantation bleeding (which was ignored)
~Sore breasts (mistaken for pms)
~minor cramping just before I fell asleep (for about a week after I knew I was pregnant)
~ missed period (pregnancy indicator)
~Fatigue (so extreme I can pretty much say I have been sleeping away most of my days not dedicated to working hours)

Now at week 11 Im finally regaining some energy, so other than minor fatigue, sore boobs and no period I feel pretty normal.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention the few pairs of "skinny day" jeans I own are now "fond memory day" jeans :(. Thats okay though, I plan on turning them into maternity pants with a few quick modifications on the sewing machine :).

In two more weeks I will post my 'official' second trimester starter baby bump photo!!.


Heather said...

You actually did hit the jackpot, all those symptoms I'd be happy to have as long as I didn't suffer from morning sickness. That's umber-crappy. Hopefully you're in the clear if you're close to your second trimester.

Mad skills with a sewing machine is handy! Are you able to still wear low-rider jeans? (under the baby bump) That's kind of what I'm banking on at least for the first few months.

Take care!

i am the diva said...

oh man... the fatigue is a killer... that was my first indication that MAYBE i was pregnant... the mere thought of walking up the stairs from the tv room made me feel like napping... and i never nap. Well - at least i never USED to nap. now i'm quite good at it.

I loved 2nd trimester, you start looking all pregnant and not just like you've put on a few pounds, and you get some energy back - hooray - and my god, the sex!! enjoy!!