Monday, April 19, 2010

Going to baby mountain Charlie, going to baby mountain!!!!

I have to say as far as family and friends go, Chris and I are pretty lucky!. This passed week we (the baby) were spoiled, this week we received a card and some money from Christopher's Grandparents and Aunts (thank you guys so much for your generosity :)) which we put towards the babies room renovations, thanks to them the baby gets the good quality bamboo flooring. There will be pictures of the room on here once we complete the work.

We also received a nice little outfit and hard cover copy of Alice in Wonderland from one of my co-workers, which was a nice surprise. On top of that my boss and his wife picked us up a few cute little sleepers for the baby the last time they were in Halifax.

Then came the box from my Mom and Sister!!! the Mother Load of first time Grandma and Auntie gifts!. Going through the package was a task and a half, I was pretty much ready for a nap by the time the last item was plucked out of the box!!!. (you'll notice Mushu was convinced most of this new stuff was for her, a reoccurring theme whenever any baby stuff makes it into the house)

My sister has been working long and hard on some really special gifts for the baby, she went out of her way to sew the baby a classy little diaper bag with matching car storage system (not pictured) as well as an AWESOME set of fantasy hand puppets~complete with theater (that hangs on a dowel in the door frame).

She also went a little shopping crazy for the baby as well.....

(the Eeyore outfit is from Grandma and the blanket is from Auntie, My sister also had a bunch of cute little surprises tucked in the diaper bag like a beaded binky link and some little baby frames)

Now for Grandmas haul!!!!

Sorry Mushu, but its still not for you!!!!

Oh wait Mushu!!! Look Auntie packed up a bag of doggie treats for you and Foxy too!!!!

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i am the diva said...

wow! nice haul!!
you're on the home stretch now, hope you're feeling okay! Also, is that a SleepSheep?? BEST...INVENTION....OF ALL...TIME!!!!