Monday, April 26, 2010

Spoiled baby!

Today was a good day! My boss (his wife also being my boss) and the girls from the bakery invited me out to dinner where they booked a small room at East Side Mario's to throw me a little baby shower!. It was a nice small group of girls (there aren't that many of us working there, we didn't have the horrible shower games and put you on the spot moments. Thank-goodness! We all just chatted, caught up and had a good time. The baby once again made out like a bandit, I'm telling you this is going to be one spoiled little girl...a part of me fears rearing the next Nellie Olsen (from little house on the prairies~ wow that's a dated reference).

I really appreciated the evening though, it was another really fantastic thing that my Boss and his wife have done for me. I really lucked out with such a great group of girls to work with, once my Mom's visit is done I will have to have them all over for an afternoon brunch and a baby meet session!. The generosity of everyone we know has really helped to make this process allot less stressful, All the clothing, accessories, gift cards, cheques and baby supplies have really helped. Not to mention the physical help. One of the guys from work helped Chris install the new window in the babies room yesterday afternoon as well. It looks great! Now the little princess will have 'the perfect' room renovation, which her father insists must be perfect for her, ahhhhh hes wrapped around her tiny little finger already!!.

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