Thursday, April 22, 2010


Yesterday my Life bank cord collection kit arrived in the mail. Its good to see that Coleman brand coolers are the industry standard for properly insulating your genetic samples. When I get around to buying some camping equipment I'll be sure to trust Coleman brand to keep my veggie dogs and beer safe from the outside world as well!.

Why save our babies cord blood? A part of me feels it is a bit paranoid, perhaps even the first step towards becoming that fretting mother with the bubble wrapped toddler playing on the playground. On the other hand as far as genetics go I have one first cousin who was killed by childhood leukemia, I can only imagine how stem cell research may have affected the outcome had the technology been available at the time. Ultimately the choice boiled down to the thought of being put in that horrible situation with the knowledge you had the once in a lifetime choice to have stored the cells that could have prevented such painful procedures as bone marrow transplants and you said NO.

It may be paranoia but for me personally I will know that it was one of the first steps I took to ensure an added layer of protection for my child. Best case scenario, we never need to use it! then maybe by the time our child hits 15 or 16 we can donate it to a family that is in need and help prevent them from the same painful procedures. Worst case scenario we do need to use it but at least it becomes an added health option in a time when you'll want to do everything within your power to save your child.

Now to get our life insurance plans set up this week and start the dreaded talk about guardianship should something happen to us. Its going to be a hard decision and need allot of hard thought, how do you choose who would raise your child in the most similar manner you would if you were not around any longer. Who has the financial and physical resources (let alone desire) to take on the added responsibility of a child. With both of our families living two provinces apart it also becomes a matter of who's grieving family members are given the opportunity to develop a closer bond with our child.

So many big decisions to make and the countdown to baby day is getting ever nearer, 17 days if she hits the due date spot on!. Everyday is feeling more and more like a race to the finish line, each task completed only makes way for more jobs to be done. Wish us luck as we fly by the seat of our pants into this parenting thing.

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