Friday, April 2, 2010

Tiny little baby.....

So I went for my routine prenatal exam on Wednesday and all seemed to be going well, no sugar in my urine, no high blood pressure, the doctor went over my birth plan with me and was supportive about it. We discussed my wishes to store the babies cord blood and I left her a copy of the documents she would need to fill in for me to register online.

Then for the babies check up, The heart beat was good and strong, BUT she had barely grown since my last visit two weeks ago. The doctor was a bit concerned and wanted to rule out any problems with the babies nutrition due guessed it placental problems. So she booked me another ultrasound the following morning. My last two ultrasounds I needed to wait at least two weeks to get squeezed in, so the speed of the appointment gave me a bit of concern about the severity of the potential problem.

I was a bit worried and I phoned my Mom to talk to her about my appointment. She told me I was 6 lbs 4 ounces when I was born (and I was a week overdue) and that my sister was 6 lbs and 6 ounces, so small babies may be a genetic thing. That made me feel a bit better but I did spend the night wondering what if?. The doctor told me if the radiologist found any sign of fetal distress or any problems with the placenta she would send me directly to labour and delivery for an assessment then we would decide whether or not it was safest to induce an early labour or not. So the possibility of having the baby 6 weeks earlier than planned was a bit terrifying to say the least. The babies room hasn't even been started, I still need to pick out a good quality breast pump, I'm wanting to pick up a few more cloth diapers and covers not to mention all the little odds and ends that seemed like they would be achievable in a 6 week time frame.

So the next morning bright and early we set off for our ultrasound. Now the last few ultrasound technicians I have had have been very pleasant so I was expecting the same this round. Who did I get? Nurse Ratched, this woman had a very visible scowl. Instead of a greeting when she walked into the room I get a "name", "date of birth", "lay down and pull your shirt up over your stomach". Then down to business. She even made the point of ensuring the ultrasound screen was moved so I couldn't glance at it. She started slamming equipment into place and then we began. Not even the customary warning about the gel being cold.

But as the 1/2 hour went by the over whelming power of cute broke through her tough exterior. The scowl started to turn into a grimace then her mouth relaxed into its normal setting on her face, eventually she turned the screen to me and started to point out all the babies bits I let her explain it all to me even though I could see it all clearly. She even began to smile and laugh at the baby, who at the time was making little suckling motions trying to get her hand in her mouth. The yawn was the last straw the mood was changed. This baby has already got her secret weapon well developed, look at those pouty little lips, once they begin to tremble the world will be jumping through her hoops.

Before I left she let me know the baby scored 8/8 which means she is at all the proper developmental stages for her gestational age. So a giant sigh of relief was sighed by me. Chris on the other hand is feeling the pressure, once I got myself off to work he began to take apart the walls and moulding in the babies room. Better to stop procrastinating just in case we get an early arrival, this also means I should probably start to research the labour aspect of having a baby a little bit more seriously.

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