Sunday, May 2, 2010

the final countdown.....

I have officially been off work for two weeks.....I am already getting pretty bored, I have even resorted to checking in on facebook. Chris and I have been washing the baskets of baby clothes.....were almost done....for now!. The car has been cleaned out, we have installed the baby seat in it as well as the baby storage device my sister made for me. My hospital bags are about half packed. 9 more days until my due date, still no braxton hicks or any sign that the baby is on her way.

The flooring has been installed in the babies room, it looks so good!!!. All that's left to do is to paint and install the moulding, the doors, and the window sill. Chris picked up a mini contract so it may have to wait. If its not ready before the baby gets here no worries, she will be sleeping in a bassinet in our room anyhow. I'm hoping this week to get all the renovation debris out of the house and to get everything cleaned up before the baby arrives....fingers crossed.

Today I couldn't help but set up the crib, the babies room is going to look just too classy when its done. I'm finding I'm able to spend quite a bit of time (hours) just sitting on the floor in the nursery picturing the finished product. Despite all the work needing to be done still I am feeling a bit anxious to get on with the whole having the baby part, not for any complaint of being pregnant though. I have a few moments where I'm actually a bit sad about the idea of not feeling my little "squirmy buggito" booting around in there. The daily bout of baby hiccups still amuses me, I find myself rubbing my belly absentmindedly allot these days, I'm sure the baby feels it as she tends to squirm around under my touch.

I really want the baby to arrive on time, the doctor told me I will most likely have to stay a minimum of 48 hours in the hospital if all goes smoothly. Have I mentioned how much I hate the hospital..... If I go overdue they will induce me the very day my Mom and Dad are scheduled to arrive, which means I will miss out on two days worth of visiting with them. It will also be nice to have a few days to bond with the baby and get used to having her in the house before everyone comes out. So fingers crossed we hit our due date give or take a day.


i am the diva said...

good luck!! here's hoping for nothing but smooth sailing!

Heather said...

Good luck, the end is nigh!