Friday, May 14, 2010

40 weeks and three days.....

Three days late, 1 cm dilated~ that is today's diagnosis for me and baby. On the 12th we went to the hospital and all seems good for the baby's heart rate and fetal movement. Again today the fetal monitoring went well. The doctor has booked us for 7:30 am on the 18th for induction, which will be pitocin. THE ONLY THING I DIDN'T WANT TO HAPPEN, I was down with c-section etc. But the longer you delay having the baby the more chance you have for placental problems and meconium issues, not to mention I don't want my Mom's visit to be a complete waste of her time waiting for the baby to show up, rather than having time to see her.

I'm getting pretty pissy with each passing day, Poor Chris I don't think I'm very much fun to be around this week.

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Heather said...

They're inducing you tomorrow? So you may get that easy-access "zipper" you wanted after all... I hope things go well and you can push that lil' babe out no probs.

Ed and I sent you a package in the mail, may arrive by the end of this week. Wishing you best of luck. <3