Sunday, May 9, 2010

mothers day...

So today is Mothers day, I am still here at home surrounded by baby paraphernalia with no baby. There were only two possible things I wanted for Mothers day this year.....The first was to be a Mom in time for the big luck there. The second was if I couldn't be a mom in time for mothers day to go and see the new documentary "The Babies" with Chris as a pre-baby date night. But alas our crappy movie theater will not be showing it despite the great buzz it has been receiving across the globe. Instead someone made the executive decision that the movie "furry vengeance" was a better allocation of screen, really a Brendan Fraser you really think you'll be seeing the money from that "investment" back?????.

The best insult to injury here, Chris will be a Dad in time to enjoy the Fathers day celebration...where as after carrying and delivering the baby I will have to put in a whole years worth of parenting before I get my big day.......not fair. ***sigh*** Most of my irritability stems from the waiting.....I'm not big on patience and even though technically the baby is not late...shes 'due' this Tuesday I cant help but feel useless right now. I'm not at work, and while I'm here at home I'm not parenting WHICH IS THE SOLE PURPOSE OF BEING ON MAT LEAVE. I cant help but feel like a lazy bastard right now. Then to top it off I make it this far with not a single stretch mark and what pops up two days ago...three on my belly, literally overnight (I would know!!! I have only been doing the belly check in the mirror about a dozen times a day). I go to bed no stretch marks then by lunch the next day I'm like wtf????!!!. If the baby had only come a few days sooner I would have slipped right under the baby body trauma least in that category. So now I wonder with each passing day how many more may pop up last minute to royally screw me over......booooooooooo.

On a more positive note!!! I would like to thank Grandma and Grandpa Garson for the last package they sent, we received it early last week. It was a few cute little baby girl outfits and a card for the baby!. Now hopefully I will have a little bundle to play dress up with sooner rather than later so I can start to post pictures of her wearing all her gifts!!!!.

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