Monday, May 17, 2010

birthday time!!!

So here I am at 2:45am the morning of my induction..... 5 hours to go. I think the baby is aware that she is about to be evicted from her cozy home. There has been a never ending barrage of kicks and punches this evening, couple this with the anticipation of today's upcoming event and I cant sleep. Although common sense dictates it would be the wisest course of action. Not sure but I may have been experiencing a few sporadic natural contractions, a fun knife like pain shooting through my lower abdomen every now and then. I'm not going to get my hopes up that I can avoid the dreaded pitocin drip... but it sure would be nice to show up and have the doctor say well you can take it from here. I'm leaving Chris to sleep for now all snuggled up to the dogs in our bed, one of us should be well rested tomorrow.

I think at last count I have a total of 6 bags for the hospital.... despite the fact the hospital is only a 15 minute drive away, I really don't want to have an "if only I brought such and such" moment. According to all the baby books its better to have lots of stuff to occupy if the having a baby thing wont be at the forefront of your time spent there. Ah well it will save us from leafing through the same hospital copies of last months gossip magazines hour after hour.

I think my main goal for the day should be.... have a baby~ make it quick and healthy for all involved. Second task......find a way to plan my escape. The extra luggage may slow my progress to the door.~ not sure if they clip alarms to the babies at this hospital, but I am sure they have automated locked doors requiring the push of a buzzer to get in and out. If I bring a baby sling and some Tylenol 3 I may just be able to tie up my hospital sheets and scale the side of the building to the safety of the parking lot below. Why cant they do a drive through delivery in and out????.....I think just to be safe I will add a home pillow to my pile o luggage. I have mentioned how much I hate the hospital right?????


i am the diva said...

Holy Cow!! Belated Good luck! i'm sure you're not updating because you're holding a precious little baby... can't wait to see pictures. Hugs to you and G!

Heather said...

Ed's insulted that the Geat hasn't called him yet... :P