Saturday, May 29, 2010

Plans plans plans.....

Yiddish Proverb ~ "Men Plan, God laughs"

So pre-baby I had allot of plans of how things were going to go. I was going to have my baby either a day early, or a day late so I could be out of the hospital when my mom arrived in town. I was going to have a natural childbirth, I was not going to breastfeed. Its funny sometimes how life has a way of changing our plans on us without notice.

My baby was 10 days overdue, I rescheduled my plans to allow for induction which on not one but two occasions fell through. By the time an epidural was offered to me I could not wait to have it administered and in the end I would not have been able to have the baby naturally anyhow as she was under distress in the womb and needed to be born by c-section. I spent the majority of my parents visit in the hospital recovering from surgery. It was a bit disheartening but in the end it worked out to be a lifesaver. My mom was able to come by and help both Chris and I have a rest during our hospital stay while she kept an eye on the baby. I was not about to leave her alone in the care of the nurses (despite the fact the nursing staff at the hospital was very good). So although I didn't get to have as much home time to visit it was reassuring for me to know that if I had to take a nap she was in good hands. I know Chris appreciated having a few hours to run home for a shower and to grab some food everyday I was admitted.

When I found out the baby wasn't putting on much weight in the womb a few months ago I decided I would try breastfeeding just to ensure she would have some of the extra antibodies to give her a good start but if it didn't work out I would go to formula. In fact the thought of breastfeeding actually completely disgusted me and here I am one week later breastfeeding every two hours and I have to say now that I'm here doing it I'm not sure what all my revulsion was about. So far things in this department are going so much better than I had ever thought possible after hearing so many breastfeeding horror stories for the last nine months. After watching other parents in the hospital trying to prepare formula for screaming impatient babies I'm actually glad I can just grab my baby and respond to her needs before she gets too worked up.

Allot of things happened after childbirth I wasn't expecting, I don't completely hate my post baby body, My baby is very mild mannered and relaxed. As long as we continue to just roll with the punches everything should work out for the best.

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