Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Due today...we'll see though!

Today is the big D-day!Lets read what the online due date calendar has to say....

"Today is Tuesday May 11th 2010.

You conceived on Tuesday August 18th 2009 and your due date is Tuesday May 11th 2010

266 days have passed since the conception,and you are -0 days past your due date.

You are 40 weeks into your pregnancy,and you are -0 weeks past your due date

You are in the 3rd trimester.

100% of your pregnancy has passed, there is 0% left to go."

You hear that baby??? 100% of my pregnancy has passed, I put in my time, now be a good girl and get out already. So help me if your not out before midnight I'm sticking a day planner in there so you can see your schedule you little bugger :).


i am the diva said...

I've been told: Spicy Food, lots of walking, lots of Sex, Red Raspberry Tea...

any contractions at ALL yet?

worldwithoutunicorns said...

not really anything yet.....booooooooooo