Thursday, July 8, 2010


The last two days have been scorching, Buggito has been sporting naught but a diaper and even that feels like bundling her too much, If I didn't mind the inevitable mess I would be tempted to leave her nude. The best I can do is set her up in her cradle swing by the breeze of the window with the fan blowing directly on her. This seems to soothe her most of the time. She still wants to be cuddled and snuggled even though she just gets frustrated that she gets too hot being in my arms.

Its been a pretty lazy week at home, I had decided to download "the secret life of the American teenager" after glimpsing an episode on t.v, thinking I would hate it. Unfortunately I got hooked on the teen drama and had a marathon run of season one, ah well I guess horrible television is just par for the course when your on mat leave especially if you don't drive and are stuck puttering around the home. At least the cabin fever I was facing before the baby arrived is gone, I'm at peace with my slower pace of life. We have been trying to go for walks and get out and stay active everyday~most days we succeed and I find the exercise is helping. I have lost 20 of the 30 pregnancy pounds I put on and seem to be doing pretty good at keeping them off, I'm sure in the next few months the last few pounds will slowly start to shave away if I keep making sure to be active.

A few days ago I left Chris home alone with the baby for the first time so I could go out with a friend for some coffee and a visit. I had two bottles pumped and fed her before I left, then off to the coffee shop I went. I wasn't worried about the baby at all, I was a bit worried for Chris though, he gets pretty upset when the baby gets really fussy~ which only really occurs if she doesn't get her food right away. I went out for a couple of hours and had a good time visiting, when I got in the door and asked Chris how the baby was he looked stressed. I guess he hadn't picked up on the hunger que fast enough and the baby had been in hysterics for sometime just before I got home. Poor guy, I tried to give him a few pointers and he discovered how long a bottle takes to warm up so I'm pretty confident daddy time will go much better the next time.

Buggito is getting much better at neck control she can hold her own head upright for good length of time now. I'm hoping she has enough neck control by the end of this month so I can take her down to Walmart and get some studio pictures of her in her smallest little summer dress I bought before it no longer fits her. I have also been trying to get her a new outfit to wear each day so she can have at least worn them all once but with this heat making her wear anything just seems like cruelty.

I have to call the doctor and schedule Buggitto to get her first round of vaccines next Friday, I'm not looking forward to that, poor sweet baby girl is not going to be happy. The last time she cried in pain because I bopped her in the head I felt like crap, having her scream from the needle is going to be much worse I'm sure. I'm still a bit hesitant about baby/child vaccines, I'm a big advocate for less medical intervention is best especially when dealing with pharmaceuticals. As long as none of the shots contain thimeresol things should be fine, I'm pretty sure Canada is allot more strict about that than America is though. From what I have been reading online only the Hep B vaccine contains any thimeresol and it is in very tiny doses, I still cant help but worry though.

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i am the diva said...

i was super stressed out about Chewie's first vaccine... in truth, i took it worse than he did. But he only made a few squawks and i popped him right on the boob afterward. He was sleeping in no time...