Friday, July 2, 2010

6 week check up..

This Wednesday we took Buggito to the doctors office for her 6 week check up. We discovered our little Buggito is in the 98th percentile. She is 12 lbs (right on the nose) and 22.4 inches long. I was also able to talk to the doctor about secondary pregnancies after my c-section. She said now that my scars have healed anytime were ready will be a good time. I already know we want to have a few children and Im not getting any younger, Im pretty sure once Buggito's first birthday rolls around we will begin actively trying for number two. That way the babies will be about two years apart, It makes more sense to me to have one at least walking on their own before you add a second one to the picture. Plus that gives little Buggito enough time to revel in the spotlight before she has to share the stage.

BEST NEWS EVER!!!! My Mom and Dad are planning to move to Halifax this year once they find a job to bring them out this way. That means Chris and I will be trying to finnish renovating this house in time to put it on the market next year to move closer to them. Until we do however we can visit them every second weekend and vise versa, so Buggito will have family near by and my parents will get to watch her grow up. Im so excited, its been too many years only seeing my family once a year if Im lucky. Chris is going to look into getting a job in the trades just as it will be more relaible work all year long rather than long stretches between contracts like he is dealing with now. Hopefully this will mean we will make enough money to afford making trips back to Saskatchewan to see his side of the family more often as well. Thats the current plan, hopefully things stay on course this time. :)

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holly said...

We are going to keep doing our best and will have news to confirm next Saturday and are so looking forward to being there for you all. Famous saying (We're back!!!) We love you guys Mom and Dad. Happy Shabbat Shalom (Meaning welcoming the week ahead)