Sunday, July 25, 2010

the recent scoop!

What is new in the life and times of Buggito? The baby has just gotten back to her old self again within the past two days. Midweek she woke up early 6:00am with some gas pains that continued throughout the day making her very fussy, the only calming technique that seemed to work was cradling her tummy down and swaying her to and fro. From what I was reading this can happen if the baby gets something in your breast milk that doesn't agree with their system. I'm usually a creature of habit when it comes to my diet but I opted for a double quarter pounder with cheese the day before which made me feel pretty sick, so I'm guessing that may have affected the baby as well.

The next day the gas pains were gone but she did NOT want to sleep at all. I would spend 30-40 minutes trying to get her to sleep rocking and singing to her and she would only stay asleep for 15-20 minutes at a time. When she usually sleeps for a few hours at a time. Needless to say she was irritable ALL day long, and of course it had to be a day that I was feeling under the weather and was really looking forward to our good long naps together. But we weathered the storm and by bedtime we both slept like logs.

The following day she was back to her old self, sleeping well and all smiles when she awoke, my migraine was gone and we had a good day together. A few odd little bumps in our routine though, the baby has been chewing her hands and usually this is her hunger cue but when I tried feeding her she just got upset. Then we started noticing her drooling, which is something she never used to do, her temperature was high the other day as well. Not at a fever but only just below that point, that coupled with the recent fussiness has us believing she may be teething. I went out and bought her a Raz-berry teething pacifier and she has enjoyed gnawing on it. Shes only 9 weeks but my Mom said by three months I had cut two teeth so she may be an early bloomer in the chomper department just like me.

In an effort to tackle the growing mess in my house from my few days out of commission caring for a grouchy baby I devised a means of keeping Buggito close but being able to accomplish some cooking and dishes. I at first attempted to put Buggito in her sling while I chopped up veggies for stew but she was to nosey and kept wiggling herself too far out for me to safely see what I was chopping. As Chris was at work with the car, I couldn't afford to chop a finger off that day!.So I made a make shift cot for the baby with a laundry basket a pillow and a few baby blankets, I placed her inside grabbed the handles and rocked her to sleep. Then I took her into the kitchen with me and kept her on the floor beside me while I worked, I managed to catch up all the dishes and make 3 big pots of stew. That's my new Mom technique these days, making lots of food at once. That way I can freeze most of it for other nights when I just don't have time to be in the kitchen all day!. So far I have about 20 meals worth frozen and ready for busy days in the future.

The baby has been enjoying watching and looking at things allot more these days, we can now read her board books together. We took her to a BBQ the other day and although we stayed for a few hours she didn't fuss once, she was having too much fun watching all the people she didn't know. She even let one of the older ladies carry her around for awhile and snuggle her without a fuss. I also had her over at my friend Emily's house for most of the day last week and she was well behaved the entire time not a single crying moment despite the fact it was such a hot day. I'm glad she saves the fussiness for at home and behaves in public!.

She loves it when I sing to her. Her favourite song is "pure imagination" from Willy Wonka (the original) if she is crying or upset and I start to sing it she usually quiets down to listen to it. She also really likes a mix CD of traditional Asian music I found, I turn it on in the background at home and she usually nods off to sleep pretty well. She sleeps allot still but her awake moments are getting more and more fun each day, she is smiling and interacting with us, she has made a few practice laughs, which consist of smiling and hyperventilating for a few seconds. It wont be long now before the giggles start!.

Other than that my big news is I'm going to try to get her to the portrait studio this coming weekend for some pictures in her cute little green sundress, as it fits her perfectly now. If I wait much longer she will have outgrown it. After this set of studio portraits I'm going to work at creating a good enough at home studio to get better pictures of her. I get pretty sad when I look back at some of her older pictures and they look so blurry, Shes changing so quickly, once these moments are over they are gone forever. I'm almost O.C.D lately about getting good photos of the baby, I cant believe its already been two months of having her in our life. Time is flying by like crazy. Well that's pretty much it for this post of updates!

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