Saturday, July 17, 2010

the deed is done! 8 weeks along....

Yesterday was the big day for Buggito's first set of shots, I had been dreading the moment for about two weeks now. I had heard from a few people how it brought them close to tears and how many bad reactions their babies/children have had to shots. So needless to say I was really expecting the worst. When we got there yes she cried~while screamed actually.... but it only lasted a few minutes then she was fast asleep. When she woke up she was all smiles and baby babble again, the trauma of the afternoon already forgotten!. So the worst part was short lived~thank goodness!. Also another baby milestone, Buggito got her first band~aids yesterday, two Dora ones that look so big on her little legs.

Today the baby and I have been enjoying some classical oriental music, we danced around the house together after breakfast, took a nap and had a good tummy time session. I cant believe how alert she is getting, she still sleeps allot but her awake time is spent watching everything in fascination. She has started to really stare at lips when your talking to her. She sometimes stares at them when a song with female vocals is playing and starts to smile like she finds it funny she can hear a voice but my lips are not moving.

Each morning she has a big story to tell us when she sees us, she'll babble to us for 10 minutes straight, then she usually has to share the story with her frog mobile while we have our breakfast. She has started to enjoy being toured around her nursery to look at everything, shes getting to be pretty curious about the dogs as well where she never seemed to notice them before now she watches their movements around the house. I cant believe how much she has changed in such a short period of time, looking at pictures of her from 8 weeks ago its hard to tell its the same baby.

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holly said...

She does look like the same baby - just filling out. She is the most beautiful, happy looking baby and grandma and opa sure do love her.