Thursday, July 8, 2010

More gifts!

Chris's mom and sister brought a few more gifts for the baby with them, from Chris's brother and sister in law as well as from Grandma Marcella and her friend Carol. Thank-you everyone!!!

Little Miss Buggito also received a few packages in the mail this week. Package number one was from my cousin Stephanie, a sweet pink pair of baby converse runners! Very cute, I will have to search out a funky outfit to match once shes big enough to fit them! Thanks Steph!! Buggito is already turning into quite the fashionista!.

Then the very next day a packaged arrived from my Aunt Debbie containing a few very cute summer outfits for the baby. Thankfully they are in the next size up so she will be able to fit them next month!! Thanks so much Deb!!! They are adorable!. With the rate she is growing I'm trying so hard to get her into each outfit at least once before it no longer fits her. I'm also trying to get some photos of her in each outfit~ the problem this week she has managed to spit up on or poop on a few before the pictures could be taken. I'm still going to make a gallant effort though :).

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i am the diva said...

oh boy, little girl clothes are so freakin' cute!! i love those little sandals... and the piglet clothes