Wednesday, June 9, 2010

first round of parent guilt!

In an attempt to quickly release my breast from my shirt to feed my baby I accidental whacked her face, she broke out into tears and full on red angry/upset face. I almost started crying myself, poor baby girl. Shes such a good tempered little bean and what does she get from her mama, a smack in the face. After a good snuggle fest she settled down and the incident was least by her. I felt like a complete douche bag!.


i am the diva said...

oh man, how i can relate. Unfortunately it probably won't be the last time you accidentally bonk your baby. But, if there's one thing i've learned so far; babies bounce.

hang in there

holly said...

your not a bad mom i agree they bounce, like i told chris if you think you hurt the baby as long she is hungry she is fine. i hope every thing is going well there look forward to the updates.

all alone Henk/ Opa