Friday, June 11, 2010

Think Pink!

I always knew I wanted to have a daughter, anyone who doesn't believe me can ask my mother in law about all the little girl things collected over the years I have stored in her basement, some were mailed to me and others still reside there for the time being. There is something magical about little girls ,not to say little boys don't have their own brand of magic. But little girl magic is the kind I have always hoped I would be given the chance to relive through a child of my own.

Unicorns, pretty little dresses, tea parties, glitter, fairies, bow ties and lace. While little boys are off playing war games little girls are imagining falling in love, and being a princess. The best part of having a daughter is that you can have the best of both worlds. She can have fairytale tea parties in the afternoon and still enjoy playing hockey in the driveway with dad before dinner. I can only hope that my sweet Buggito and I will be as close as my Mom and I are when she is an adult. Father/ daughter relationships get allot of buzz and hype and I'm glad for all those girls who do grow up with a great loving father in their life ( my daughter included) but there is also a special bond between mothers and daughters that gets forgotten at times. The bond that comes when your teaching your daughter about life and being a woman and passing on your values and experience.

Being a mom is a pretty good job, I'm just starting to get those smiles of recognition when she wakes up and sees me there and its only a hint of the good times to come. I'm looking forward to reading all the Disney fairies books I have been collecting for her together, and dressing up and having picnics and doing crafts together. I'm hoping to give her the longest, happiest and most enchanted childhood possible. I want her to experience nothing but unconditional love and security from her family, the magic and wonder of fairy tales and make believe, the adventure of discovering everything in the world for the first time. Bittersweet is a word I think only a parent can truly understand, its a strange thing to simultaneously rejoice and mourn a child's growth.

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i am the diva said...

loved this post!
i'm hoping this one's a girl for the same reasons!