Friday, June 18, 2010

Our first meeting....

Today is June 19th and its my Birthday, but I think I would rather share a quick clip of Buggito's Birthday. This is me two hours after my c-section I am FINALLY able to meet my baby despite being bone tired I forced myself to stay awake and see the little person I had been anxiously awaiting to meet for 9 months. Daddy caught it on camera for me, Thanks Daddy!.



i am the diva said...

maybe it's the hormones, but i was all blubbery when i watched that... so cute... baby tomato face... adorable.

Happy very wonderful First Mommy Birthday to you!!

holly said...

Well Michelle this is absolutely a beautiful video but as your mother I really screwed you up Saturday is your birthday not Friday - I didn't want to miss your special day and being with Grandma I really messed up with the dates anyhow Sunshine Happy Happy early and belated Birthday - You make a wonderful new mommy.