Tuesday, June 15, 2010

whats new???

Buggito now fits most of her newborn size clothing without needing me to roll up the sleeves or loosing a foot in the leg of a sleeper. She can even start to sport her 0-3 month clothing without drowning in the fabric~score!. I may have mentioned she is developing a bit of a neck rather than just pug folds of skin separating her head from her shoulders. When we burp her she tries to hold her own head up all the time, we have to keep a steady hand on it to avoid her getting away on us. She is finally big enough to fit her cloth diapers so we are looking forward to testing those out this week, especially with how expensive disposables can get. Buying packages of newborn size cost $15.00 for a package of 30 diapers. When you go through 10 or more diapers a day, it adds up!!!!.

I have introduced Buggito to the snugli sling (much less scary than the other ones for watching her neck position for suffocation). We have been using it around the house when I want to tidy and she wants to cuddle, better still we have used it on a few nature hikes already. The baby is starting a bit of cooing now when shes awake. You can tell she thinks shes pretty funny when she fakes me out on latching during feeding time. She gets close like shes going to latch then she swings her head away from me with a big wide mouthed gummy grin and repeats for a few minutes. She is staying awake for longer periods of time.

One of the girls from work gave me another big box of baby clothes which is awesome!! The baby's wardrobe is pretty much complete for the next year of her life, I cant even justify browsing the baby clothes sections anymore. Another nice surprise one of our neighbours (who we have never even spoken to before)saw Chris this morning and gave him a gift for the baby. A pink bunny with a blanket and a card! He brought Buggito over after to introduce her to the baby and say thank-you. I guess this means I have to be a bit more friendly to the neighbours rather than ignore and avoid them. Other than that not much to report, life is pretty good for the moment.

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i am the diva said...

Awww, cute face!!

yeah, almost the exact thing happened with our neighbours, and now they're totally awesome.