Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our two week check-up!

Chris and I took the baby in for her two week check up on the 4th this month. All is going well, she gained weight, she went from 7.5lbs birth weight to 9lbs which I guess is really good weight gain for a breastfed baby. The doctor and everyone else that sees Buggito makes a comment on how nicely shaped her head is. I didn't realise there was such an epidemic of oddly shaped children's craniums, but apparently its a pretty big deal. The babies cord stump fell off a few days prior to our doctors visit, No I did not save it.....bleh! As for baby teeth in the future I may string them through a necklace and add more as I have more children.....just jokes! I'm not a total savage!.

Two weeks into motherhood, how is it all going. Good!! As far as babies go I have very little to complain about, my baby doesn't like to cry, she prefers to give us little grunts, groans and flailing arm gestures when she wants something. She doesn't startle easily, the dogs can bark and yak (which they do constantly) and other than pause for a moment to register the sound she doesn't fuss over the noise. Chris and I talk/ play music/ watch t.v/ make house repairs and she just listens to the noise without a problem. She can sleep anywhere no matter whats going on around her. We have taken her for walks in the stroller and she sleeps through the noise of children and traffic on the street. She has a very Big Lebowski like cool about most things. She doesn't cry or fuss when her diaper is wet or full, she just chills in it. Which means we have to be the ones to constantly check it for her. The only thing she doesn't seem to like is being left for too long out of someones arms, she tolerates her swing and you can sneak her into her crib and her bassinet for awhile but if she wakes up to find you gone she begins her flailing and grunting. Chris and I laugh because as soon as she wakes to find herself alone she starts going "eh, eh" its almost like shes saying "Hey Mom, I think you forgot me over here". No sweetie mommy snuck away to use the bathroom for a minute.

Once her neck is a bit stronger I can start to keep her in her sling while I do my housework, I wanted to start "baby wearing" right away but there were a few infant deaths and a whole news story about a sling recall due to suffocation risks, so I will wait until she is better able to adjust her head. Which shouldn't take too long she is already trying to hold it up, as it is in two weeks she went from having allot of pug like folds under her head to developing a real neck!. Its amazing how many changes take place so quickly, although I'm trying to take pictures everyday and remember every little detail of each day it will never be enough. Her little hands and feet already seem huge compared to when I first met her in the hospital. Its hard to think about without getting teary eyed. A year is going to fly by and I will never get these sweet baby moments back again, yes I know new and exciting moments will come and they will be just as precious to me. But having her has really made me appreciate the limited amount of time we all have on this planet and also the REAL importance of appreciating our loved ones and making the most of the time we have with those people and animals we hold dear to us.

I read a book entitled the Continuum Concept throughout my pregnancy, while some of what was written was a bit too left wing for my tastes the basic message of trusting your babies ques and your own intuition stuck with me. For us its working pretty good, Buggito seems pretty happy and despite the fact I had to wait two hours to meet my baby post delivery I don't feel like I missed out on boding with my baby, by applying the continuum method to my baby I feel we have bonded really well. So thats my two week update!

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