Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy first fathers day Chris!!!

Today is your first Father's day, you will have been a father for a full month tomorrow, you have most likely changed at least 100 diapers, you have fed the baby 1 bottle of expressed milk. You have burped your daughter as many times as you have changed her. You take care of the literal crappy jobs more often than not, but you also took care of some of the most important ones. From the moment our girl entered the world YOU were the one there to hold her, protect her and love her in her first few hours of life when I was in surgery. You are there everyday for her and as a reward for all those crappy jobs you get those sweet moments where you two snuggle up on the couch together. As time goes on the sweet moments will last longer and the crappy jobs will be replaced by new ones :). But one thing will never change, your a dad now! you have a little person who loves and depends on you and you have a little girl I know you love with all your heart. Happy fathers day Baboo! I love you and I know your a great dad and you'll only continue to be the best dad Buggito could ever ask for.

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