Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My reccomendations...

Palmer's cocoa butter for stretch marks. I used this twice a day on my belly throughout my pregnancy and I only ended up getting a few stretch marks during my last two weeks before the baby came. At the last week I wasn't using it very often, I should have though I may have had even less to report.

Onesies with snaps up the front!!! At least for the newborn size, when your still learning to dress a baby for the first few days pulling things over their head can be frustrating for both parties. Unfortunately all the cutest onesies only snap at the crotch!. Maybe try those for after the first month.

Don't go overboard with the stuffed that we are almost done the babies nursery, we are finding out ALL those cute stuffed toys I needed to buy for baby will be homeless for a few months when she starts to sleep in her crib and is still to small to have them with her.

Medela lanolin cream!~If your planning on breast feeding buy this first, apply to your nipples after every feeding, it doesn't even need to be washed off before the next feeding. The first two days I started breast feeding my nipples began to get cracked and bloody, not fun~ ever pick a scab off your nipple tip....yeah~gross. But once I started using this cream they quickly repaired themselves and now stay perfectly comfortable even if your baby has better suction than "Hoover" like mine!.

So here are a few things this rookie mom reccomends!

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